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  1. Haven’t seen much of that trembling helplessly in the hands of the Troika yet, mostly a confused Firestorm…maybe some trembling this issue?

  2. This was… not a good issue.

  3. Not nearly on the same level the book had been on for the previous few weeks.  It was nice to find out what was up with Despero and to see "Edward’s" back story, but the first part of the story was just disjointed all to hell and the second story was forgettable.

  4. The only thing I digged was the backstories of the bad three.  I thought Edwards was really good and the other two were pretty good as well.  The 2nd story arc I didn’t much care for but I didn’t think it was terrible.  Then again what do I know.  I’m reading Countdown in trades and so far (Three Trades in) I’m liking it so I must have no taste.. haha.

  5. Yeah, kinda weaker, but I DO love Kanjar Ro.

  6. @Charlie: Do you need a drink or something my friend? Reading Countdown in trades is no laughing matter. Several of my friends have died in a fiery death cause of reading it in trade. I should know, I read the first volume and felt a little hot…Be careful 😉

  7. Yeah, this issue was probably the weakest of the series thus far. I didn’t think it was terrible, it just wasn’t very entertaining. The back-and-forth plot device in the first half didn’t work very well, IMO.

  8. Yeah, I’m pretty sure this was the worst issue of the run so far.  Ah, well.  Something has to be.

  9. @conor – I would actually give that distinction to #4.  This was not up to par with the last 6 or so issues, but I am not sure it was as bad as #4.  I actually thought #1 was pretty weak, too.

  10. Geezus, for a minute there I thought Morrison had started writing Trinity! Awful.  

  11. Agreed. Awful issue. Disjointed, confusing & just plain un-entertaining (if that’s a word?). Let’s hope not everything in this book comes in threes & it’s only one bad issue …

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