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  1. Not really looking forward to the return of Konvict. The Crim Synidicate arc was pretty cool – short but cool…

  2. Oh no, hopefully it doesn’t take 5 issues to beat Konvict down this time.

  3. Not to be a negative nellie, but Konvikt has to be one of the worse villian names I’ve ever heard.

  4. LOL Yeah, it’s like he’s giving up, he knows he’s going to jail before he even starts.

  5. If you had told me after the first few issues of this series that Trinity would ever be my pick of the week I would have called you crazy, but it is my pick this week.

    That was extremely fun to read.  As long as this series keeps up the current level of excitement I don’t care if none of it ever matters for the DCU.  In my humble opinion this has been more enjoyable recently than Secret Invasion.  I challenge anyone to read the first six issues of SI and the last six issue of Trinity and tell me (regardless of company loyalty) which was more fun to read.

    Oh, and I didn’t notice Konvict in this issue.  Maybe Busiek saw the fan response and cut Konvict out of future issues.

  6. I like how Hawkman’s helmet gives him red eyes.  I much prefer them to the bird eyes.

  7. As for the solicits stating the return of Konvict…I’m pretty sure the solicits are the same for every issue of Trinity this month, so Konvict is probably still coming before the month is out.

  8. @TomO – I hope that either you are right or that Konvict somehow stops sucking.  Either way I would prefer it if he didn’t return later this month or ever.

  9. Like stuclach said, I never would have thought this book could be a contender for my POW after the first 4 or 5 issues, but this was awesome, it was the best issue of the series so far. The full page spread of DCU characters by Scott McDaniel made me have a geek orgasm, he’s been one of my favourite artists since his work on Nightwing. This comic has come from no where to be one of my favourite books right now.

  10. @WadeWilson – I am suprised that the spread in this book excited me more than the spread in Secret Invasion #6 or the spread in Final Crisis #3.  It certainly isn’t because the art is better.  I think it is because I am simply enjoying the story more in this case.  I couldn’t help grinning ear to ear when I saw that spread.

  11. I guess I don’t have much to say here because everything I was going to say stuclach already has. This was, by far, the most enjoyable read I had this week. Trinity has waned a bit in the last couple of issues but hardly dissapointed. #15 brought action the way it’s supposed to be brought. Aside from a few week panels in the first half of the book, which can easily be forgiven considering the weekly format, this was knocking on the door of DC perfection.

  12. (Read’s summary and notices Konvict is back)

    Yeah I’m gald I’m not picking this up….

  13. @TheNextChampion- I gotta ask.  Do you even like comics?  Seems like you don’t like anything.*


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