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  1. really looking forward to this conclusion!!!

  2. Ditto!  I like that cover!

  3. Agree with you both, its been such a great comic book.  Two plus years for it to finally finish cannot wait to read this one

  4. This is the last DC book I’ll be buying for a while. 


  5. This is a great series.  i wonder if this will feed into the new justice league announced.

  6. Surprisingly low pulls for such a great book.

  7. @HBD I dropped it after the #6 or something. Not because I didn’t like (in fact I loved it). I was sick of waiting for the next issue! This has been going on, for what, two years now? Crazy…

    Waiting for the trade… 

  8. I loved this issue!! It’s beautiful!! I just picked this up in the shop on a whim because the store owner put a sign on it that said "Josh’s Pick".  Have to support the iFanboy attention.   I looked around and didn’t see a "Ron’s pick" or a "Conor’s Pick", but it was still early so maybe he just hadn’t gotten them out yet….maybe…

  9. Really?  Was it ME, Josh, or was there a guy who worked there named Josh?  Where’s this store you speak of?

  10. can’t wait to pick this up in trade.

  11. Josh – It’s called 4 Color Fantasties in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  I’m new to the store, so it may be a guy on staff…but you did pick the book, so maybe it was you.  I’ll ask at the store if they listen to the podcast the next time I go in.

  12. I’ve been following this series since number 1.  I was definitely satisfied with the ending, even though I saw the Zareb angle coming.  I just really hope it isn’t a long time before we see Shazam and Marvel again.  Maybe they’ll do something significant in Countdown?  Who knows but I really hope these characters will be used now.

  13. According to Didio at WWLA, there’re no plans for a Shazam or Marvel family series in the works. Mary Marvel will be a big part of Final Crisis, though.

    What I really want to know is that, now that Freddy is "Shazam," how is he going to introduce himself without changing back into his mortal form? 


  14. Great conclusion .. I thoroughly enjoyed this series … I only hopped on due to ifanboy so I was very late at getting on so haven’t been frustrated by time issues. I got the first six on trade and the remainder in single issue … reads better in trade (I couldn’t wait for trade second time round).

    …so anyone who hasn’t read … get both the trades and you won’t be disappointed !!

    .. and good point diabhol, maybe he only transforms into shazam by saying the word and maybe says freddy to transform back into freddy???? 


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