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  1. I have heard nothing about this, but the kid in me is going to make me flip through this at the shop.  It is going to have to look solid to get me to plop down $4.

  2. Yeah, I feel the same way. it is tempting. but 3.99? better be worth it.

  3. it’s important to know that this isn’t a reinventing of the franchise. there’s a ton of IDW backstory here. but… it can all be found in Transformers Continuum, released just last week.  

  4. I have learned to trust Andy Schmidt.

  5. I am getting this because I love the original Transformers, I loved Costa’s work on GI: Joe Cobra, and an art style that appears to be high quality while staying true to the source material. I hope this creates a winning combination.

  6. Come on guys…. GI Joe Cobra… all the proof you need that this is at least worth a shot for a few issues.

  7. I didn’t even know Costa was writing it. I rely exclusively on iFanboy for that type of info (I don’t have time to go anywhere else).  I will definitely pick it up.  Preview here:

  8. damn, 45 pulls at the time of this post!! nearly double the usual Transformer take! welcome to the party fellas

  9. I’m glad to be here. This is the first jumping on point for a TF book I’ve seen since I started buying comics a little less than a year ago. This looks like it has potential. How have the previous storylines been? Is it loosely based on the G1 continuity?

  10. @Rustyautoparts It involves the G1 characters but its basically a new G1 continuity. It might be handy to get the Continuum comic that came out last week but this should be a good jumping on point as it takes place 2 years after the last Transformer comic series that IDW put out and I’m sure it will be new reader friendly.

  11. The story contained some interesting twists, but didn’t blow me away (certainly not on the level G.I. Joe Cobra did). I really enjoyed the art. Mr. Figueroa has been drawing extremely cool looking robots for a long time and he is remarkably good at it.

    FACE mentioned this in his review, but I want to second his recommendation of "The War Within".  It is an amazingly good book. 



  12. I really enjoyed this. I’ve always loved Transformers, and this was great, but different. I looked on a few TF community boards for shits and giggles, and I was shocked by the reaction. Seems a lot of die hard fans do not like the art style or general story direction. It’s too different. I couldn’t help but wonder if this is how superhero fandom looks to an outsider. Interesting…

    In any case, I’m really excited by this new series, and I think I’ll be on it for a while. I’ve needed a good, well thought TF story, and this looks to be the one.

  13. @Rusty – Yes, that is exactly how many of us look to outsiders.  My wife jumps on the site from time to time and almost immediately jumps back off.

  14. My store didn’t get to many copies of this so I missed out, hopefully they are going to get more in so I can check this out.  It would be nice to read a good TF book.  I did get the book last week and the All Hail Megatron story sounded interesting.

  15. @ Rustyautoparts & stuclach: Perhaps you were viewing commentary from the same crowd that worships at the altar of Michael Bay? Perhaps an actual plot that doesn’t require massive explosions and noises is confounding such a crowd.

  16. @jobob247 From what I can tell, the people that decried this book were also not fans of the movie. Many of the comments were made about how they disliked how the faces were portrayed. One criticism was that the faces looked to much like the movie, and that they should only be drawn ala the G1 cartoon. A lot of the complaints seemed very similar to the Steven Sanders Beast face in SWORD last week. It just isn’t supposed to look this way, apparently. I couldn’t disagree more, but I found it interesting.

    I think you are on to something, though. As much as I love the old cartoons, the plots and characterization are usually pretty week. I think it may be possible that these fans are so used to the glorified toy commercial plots that any real plot developments are too much to handle.

  17. @jobob247 – Typically, I just see a group getting together to scream about something.  There is no real logic to it.

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