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  1. If I don’t see at least three different sets of thongs in the issue I am going to be really upset.

  2. Well its not unlikely.

  3. I’m gonna give this issue a shot and then i’ll make my decision if i’m gonna continue this or not after…

  4. Will Benitez keep up the tradition of making each issue boob-tastic?  I just read issue #1 the other night and boy was there a lot of cleavage in that book!

  5. You know up until a minute ago I thught that was Raven’s elbow on the cover.

  6. Yeah… I’m gonna drop this. I was excited about a new Titans series, but this isn’t what I was looking for, bit of a shame.

  7. A decent story and OK art dispite some questionable costume decisions (WTF was up with that strap thing Raven was drawn wearing?)  With only four books in my pull box this was the best of a bad week for me.

  8. wow this sucked. Dropped

  9. Was gonna buy it – flipped through it at the shop, saw ravens costume and some other stupid scenes and just set it back on the shelf.  Not at all what I was looking for on this series… shame – it could have been a great one.

  10. totally

  11. My LCS got short-shipped on this issue, so I gotta wait until next week to read it … but it looks like I’m not missing much?

  12. As a long long long time Titans fan, especially of the classic Perez/Wolfman run I was really excited about this book. When I read about the return of Trigon I was overjoyed!! I never understood why someone had not brought Trigon back as a major force in the DC Universe…he took over the planet for goodness sakes!!! This book was not the way to do it…. I don’t know if it is the fact that the art was so horrible in the second issue or what, but I am not loving it!!! DC needs to commit themselves to bringing the Titans back to the status they had during the 1980’s run. Get Perez and Wolfman back on the book if need be!!! I will continue to by the book however just because i am a huge Titans fan….just fix it quick DC!!!

  13. I started reading the Titans with John’s so I don’t have the attachment to the material that some seem to. For me it was a vast improvement. I loved the art and I am looking forward to more.

  14. The story is OK, but the art, especially this time around, was horrible. I can ignore the costume decisions, it’s the facial expressions that got me. Everyone looked like their jaw was disloacted.

  15. why am i not able to view these?

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