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  1. Sooo excited for this book.  Not so much for the art.

  2. I liked Churchill’s art, found the Titans East Special interesting so I’m going to give this a looksie.

  3. This book makes me happy.  I think the timing is well done too.  The series started with a few of the above kind of mentoring the team.  Not so much now, so its nice to see them in their own book.

    Plus now that I dropped the Flash, i’m looking to get my Wally kick.

  4. Is Churchill the regular artist?  I saw in previews that the 3rd issue is drawn by Joe Benitez.  Seems kind of soon for him to take a break.

  5. Judd Winnick – I’m in!!  He’s doing so great on the Green Arrow/Black Canary book.  I can’t wait to see his take on the characters in this book.

  6. @Hoshigaki – it seems big artists do that a lot with new series and it really urks me.  They come on and sell the first few issues.  Not that i’m totally against benitez, if you are going with that style, you might as well go with ian.


    conor, what don’t you like about churchill? 

  7. scratch that… benitez might be a bit better for the series.

  8. Could I jump into this not having read any titans stuff or any other books before this?

  9. I am curious about that too mattk.

  10. I haten the Teen Titans cartoon, so I have no desire to ever buy a Titans book.

  11. Looks cool, definetely grabbing it

    @ Mattk and Cenguist- I’m sure  you can just jump right in. They’ll prolly have some background stuff on all the main characters for a few issues. 

  12. @jtrem – He’s too Top Cow-ish for me.  Too much cheesecake and too many women without internal organs.

    @Brandon2 – What does the cartoon have to do with the comic book? 

  13. I thought Ian Churchill hurt his hand while working on the start of this series.  Or am I thinking of a different artist?

  14. That could be why we get a new artist so quickly.

  15. I just looked it up, Churchill hurt his shoulder.  He had surgery and Benitez is handling the art while he recovers.

  16. Yeah, I can’t generate too much excitement for this series given the artist. Judd’s going to really have to knock it out of the park for me to stick around for Michael-Turner-lite.

  17. I had seen the previews and hadn’t been impressed but Winick makes it worth a look. I’ll give it a shot.

  18. My thoughts on this as I said in the new comics thread…..

    I’m too excited for words on this one!  So this most certainly will be my POTW, or a huge disappointment.

  19. I’m hoping I like this.  I’ve liked a good portion of Winick’s work and I seem to be in the minority in liking Ian Churchill.

  20. I’d be way more excited if Judd "I write the most unrealistic/unnatural dialogue ever" Winnick wasn’t writing it.

    But, I’ll still be buying it.

  21. Thanks for the info jtrem and Connor.  I’m really looking forward to this no matter who the artist is.

  22. I’m hoping for this to be good, but I feel like it can only go two ways, like Superyan said: either it’s POTW material or it’s the worst book I read this week, here’s to hopin’ it’s the former

  23. @WadeWilson – You must not have ever read any Chris Claremont books.

  24. I’m surprised so many people are excited for this. I can’t stand Churchill and Benetiz is even worse.

  25. I can’t wait for this book.  I grew up with these charactors from the 70’s.  I enjoy Winnick’s writing and Churchill art is great.  I hope he comes back soon to the book.

  26. Ian and Benetiz are a step up considering what DC has been pushing as of late. I see conor’s point about Benetiz’s style but its betten then art made by the monkies with parkisons that DC has drawing their B-List and some of their A-List books.

    I know I cant always have Frank Cho and Adam Hughes drawing the books I read but I would at least like them to look better then something that came out of the mid 90s.

  27. I have hiiiiiiiiigh hopes for this baby. It had better pull through. The change in artist in issue 2 has me worried, but I gotta give it a try.

  28. @DyslexicDan – I said I wasn’t a huge fan of Ian Churchill’s art, not Joe Benitez, although he’s very much of the same school.

  29. EXCITED!!

  30. this was a lot more fun than I expected but I really like these characters so they could be having a 22 pages long paintball match and I’d be satisfied. 

    NOTE TO ARTISTS:  I teach in high schools.  No girls wear belly shirts.  They just don’t.  Maybe they did, but now they don’t.  And belly-shirts with their thongs visible from their jeans?  Where is this place and why wasn’t I a student there? 


  31. I really thought this book was terrible. The art was ropey, and there was no specific timetable to determine what time this book took place in.

  32. this is my first titans book, and im so lost, why did it say part 2 in the beggining?

  33. Would have been great to know that this was a part 2 before i bought it.  I could follow a little bit, but was definitely lost for most of it. That is definitely one of the annoying things about getting into comics… i sort of feel like i have no idea about anything.

  34. loved this book! this is gonna be a great read

  35. would someone mind summarizing what we missed in part 1?  keep in mind some of us know nothing about these characters or who is who… 

    i am completely new to this group of heroes…  decided to pick this up at the last minute…  didn’t realize it was a part 2…

  36. Yeah, I’m a bit lost too. Why start a new book as the second part to a different story?

  37. aweosme

  38. i’m getting the first issue, but i’m not a fan of churchil’s style and even less a fan of benitez, so think that’ll be it for me…

  39. The basic gist of the plot is that someone – Trigon – is trying to kill anyone who has been a Titan.  In the TITANS EAST SPECIAL, Cyborg led a new team of Titans and they were attacked (the fallout was seen in this issue).  In this issue everyone else was attacked.

    The original Teen Titans were Robin (now Nightwing), Kid Flash (no Flash), Speedy (now Arsenal), Wondergirl (now Donna Troy) and Aqualad (not in this book).

    The team came back ias the New Teen Titans n the 1980s and was SUPER popular (DC’s best selling book) and that team was made up of Robin/Nightwing, Kid Flash, Starfire, DOnna Troy, Cyborg, Changeling/Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven.  This book is basically a return to the New Titans team.

  40. thanks conor 🙂

  41. The old-New Titans were great, except for the part where DC was just going to a better paper stock and, I guess, different inks, so that there are some ungodly shades of blue, particularly, that the eyes of humanity really never needed to witness.

    ‘The Terror of Trigon’ is sort of what the Dark Phoenix Saga would have been like, with better dialogue, if Chris Claremont had been obsessed with Satanism instead of pseudo-18th Century bondage queens.

    Umm, yeah, still not sure if I’ll get the new series.  How’s Beast Boy? 



  42. This is the worst comic I’ve read in quite awhile.  Even worse than the Flash relaunch.  Wrote a review.

  43. I’ve never read anything with the titans before, and it seems pretty cool. I’m just a little lost though…

  44. I liked everything about this book except for that it was 3.50.  They like to sneak those random overpriced books in there and it annoys me.  But I liked seeing all these familiar faces again alll done in beautiful art.

  45. It wasn’t overpriced, it was $3.50 because it was 40 pages.

  46. "X’HAL!" was my favourite page in the book. Awesome stuff.

    Seemed like a typical set-up issue to me, introducing the characters/plot etc, nothing much new or original to be found, but the art sure is purdy.

    One small beef — Nightwing uses Eskrima sticks, not police batons! Totally different weapons. I dunno if that’s the writer’s or artist’s mistake.

    PS — Beast Boy stole Ron’s sideburns! 


  47. Why do all the women look Pam Anderson(even raven) and all the guys look like chip n’ dales dancers?

  48. hey, i can’t remember for the life of me where i read the first part of this story.  could someone enlighten me.  I’m sorry if someone has already said it, but I’m not reading through all those posts.  



  49. @jtrem – part one of this story was in the Titans East special from a few months back.

  50. just read it and I didn’t think it was bad.  I’m a little lost so now I’m going to track down the "part one" book.  Other than that I think I’m on for the ride… I hope it doesn’t suck.

  51. I NEED HELP!!!

    Little Barda is said to be critically injured. Isn’t she a New God, and shouldn’t she be dead with DEATH OF THE NEW GODS and all?

    wtf is going on? 

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