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  1. This book is amazing, and should really have more pulls.

  2. I totally agree Templar… My kids love this book.  The comics industry needs to put more books like this out for kids.  Lets start a movement to make this pick of the week!!! At least mention this book Josh, Connor, and Ron!! It is great for adults too!! There are alot of jokes that only long time Titans fans would understand.

  3. Heh….I think that is a nice joke on the Marvel Apes…if that was the intent on the cover anyways. Yeah I push this to any kids in my book store cause this is really a funny series for kids.

  4. @boostergold4 – We interviewed the creators at one of the cons last year… I think it was Chicago.  Also, I wrote about it.

  5. Sorry Conor….I must have missed that article.

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