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  1. So this book is being talked about like gang busters on the pull thread, and there’s no comments?  For shame! 

    I’m excited about this book much like I am for Franklin Richards…it seems like a fun, laid back book that reminds you of how awesome it is to be a kid.

  2. My kids are huge teen titan fans and they love this book.  They think that I would like it too.

  3. My two kids (5&7) are each getting a copy of this issue for Valentine’s today. If they want it monthly, they’ll need to do chores and let me read all their issues.

  4. I think I was expecting something a little different, but I liked it a lot. I’m definitely getting the next issue. @RolandofGilead Awesome name, Love the Dark Tower!

  5. Not only did my LCS not order it, but I went to another store today that had sold out.  Dang!

  6. I love the art. Looking forward to the second issue.

  7. Not so much …. I guess I was looking for a cohesive story…call me crazy.  It’s cute, in a baby Tiny Toons kind of way, but it just wasn’t what I was looking for.  Maybe for REALLY little kids, to introduce them to these characters.

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