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  1. mmm…maybe  Does anybody know if this actually features the X-men 2099.  Embarassingly, I have the entire run of that series.



  2. That was a fun series.  No embarassment required.

  3. Wait….Hulk run wastelands? Does this technically take place in the Old Man Logan setting?

  4. I’m channelling Ron this week and picking this up purely because it is X-related. Also, futuristic Wolverine has never been bad.


  5. @zattaric

    From the preview I looked at, it appears at least a couple of the old line-up will be back (in name only).  They are drastically redesigned and not at all supposed to be the same characters with the same histories.  Junkpile appears to be a robot, Meantstreak is still a speedy mutant.  Cerebra’s been in the other books in this revamp, not sure if she’ll be in this one, but her powers seem different as well as her looks. 

    I’ll be picking it up for sure though.  I miss the old series and will cling to even the slightest connection to it.

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