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  1. And I was so excited about Timestorm to. Well at least the story seems to be picking up?

  2. wow, this book SUCKED! and i’m a big fan of just about all things spider-man but i am blown away by how lame that was.

  3. did anybody really expect this to be fantastic?  this series is just good old fashioned average hack  nothin wrong with that.

  4. seeing as how there was a really popular, really well produced and really good first issue of Batman and Robin this week i wonder if ron made this his pick of the week?

  5. The art was good but I agree the story is lacking.  Why reboot the Spidey in 2099?

  6. @MrWilson.  they are rebooting all of 2099, probly to make it more relevent of something.

    this book was good. i wasnt expecting much and i got what i wanted, end of story.  sort of a welcome to the super hero world kind of thing.

  7. brian reed described it as the "ultimate" version of 2099.  so there ya go

  8. I had no expectations when I picked this up, but it was so much fun to read that it outshined most of my other books this week.

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