The Time Masters have been coming up short in their search for Batman throughout the time stream, so Rip Hunter reluctantly turns to some experts on the subject…the Linear Men are back!

Don’t miss this companion series to the “Return of Bruce Wayne” storyline running in BATMAN!

Written by DAN JURGENS

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  1. Yes, please.

  2. If I can just add. Look at the solict for the final issue of this for December…..I’m not seeing Batman’s name anywhere in there.

    (I think the purpose of this mini got changed drastically since the delays) 

  3. What delays?

  4. @TNC – I dunno, I never expected this to have very much to do with Batman, but rather wacky time travel antics.

  5. Yeah, I have to agree with CaseyJustice.  Since the second issue, it’s been pretty obvious that this story is less about Batman and more about Booster and Rip.  (In my review of issue 2, I called the search for Batman a McGuffin, or plot device, to grab the reader’s attention and to start the ball rolling.)  That’s not a shortcoming, in my opinion.  I love this book.  It’s an over the top time-travel adventure, and it’s a lot of fun.  In its own way, this is DC’s version of Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine, just with C-List heroes.  I also love the character development of Rip and Booster ("the most tragic hero in the DCU.")  Honestly, I would not be disappointed if they never find Batman.  (That’s going to happen in another book anyway, right?)

  6. I agree with the above! Though I think we will probably see a thread run through Return of Bruce Wayne and Vanishing Point in Flash Point – or at least, that’s the point, right? I’m glad that they’re not trying to make it too blatant, in any case.

  7. This was genuinely not very good.  I feel like I really need to have been paying attention to the Booster Gold book to get what is going on in this story.  I may not pick up the next issue.

  8. I really enjoyed this but it still wasn’t a 5.

    @Stuclach I can understand that feeling. Mostly you only need to know that Booster’s public image and his reality are different.  Oh, and he doesn’t know any of this backstory that we are getting about Rip.

  9. This was my pick of the week in a week that had very little competition. I dug on the character moments at the beginning of the book. The action was fun, if not a bit too much. I don’t know who the Linear Men are but I am interested. 4/5

  10. @Minion – I actually read the first two arcs of Booster Gold, so I can follow most of this, but the Linear Men stuff is new to me.

  11. @Stuclach New to me as well. I can only assume we will learn more about them in the coming issues. I like the confusion that characters from the past who I don’t know brings because I am just getting into DC. I can understand people who don’t though.

  12. This is meandering. Big time. I can see the argument for those defending the lack of focus on the search for Bruce (the book is a lot of fun), but personally I’d prefer a comics with a subititle of "The Search for Bruce Wayne" to involve some kind of search for Bruce Wayne.

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