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  1. I’m really enjoying Gage’s writing on these one-shots, which I guess is a precursor to his taking over the series.  I like Ellis’s work on T’bolts, too, but their takes are quite different and it’s good to see both (even if a bit annoying that the main storyline is taking so long to happen).

  2. @ohcaroline I agree completely. These forays into other side stories are interesting and help along the overall plot, but what I want is to resolve the issues of last issue as soon as possible. Looking forward to another Djurdjevic cover, he’s always good.

  3. @theseanfromlaramie – back in November, Ellis said about T’bolts.  "Due to various fuckups, we’ve had to juggle some issues around."  So I don’t know if that means the art, and he’s just being tactful (for Warren Ellis values of tactful), or some other delays.  Maybe they had to rework some stuff b/c of Secret Invasion?  Anyway, interspersing these issues that help flesh out the characters is a cool solution.  Gage is one of those newish writers who I don’t think gets nearly the hype he deserves.

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