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• As The ‘Bolts Continue Their Escape Through Time, Songbird Escapes For An Island Vacation.

• But In Tahiti, A Mad Scientist Sets His Sights On Melissa Gold – But He Ain’t The Only One Mad About It!

Story by Jeff Parker
Art by Kev Walker & Terry Pallot
Colors by Frank Martin
Cover by Kev Walker

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Ah the beginning of the end for me on this title. Thanks to the renaming I have no desire to read this series once the fighting T’Bolts arc ends.

    • But it’s the same writer, same artists, same stories going forward, just adding characters and not taking any away, plus Parker seems really excited about the new aspects of the book. Why does the name matter?

    • I’m guessing Parker’s really excited that he’s still got a job and the book didn’t get cancelled outright. It’s clear that the new characters will push out other characters. There’s only so much “screen time” in a 20 pg comic every month. I have no interest in Skaar, Ragnarok, Dark Spider-Man, Dark Scarlet Witch, et al. But I bet those are more saleable minor characters than the current T-Bolts roster so it makes financial sense. I also have no interest Avengers comics with or without a qualifying adjective. So, yeah, thanks again Marvel for a clear jumping off point.

    • I just don’t care for the upcoming arc. Which is what it is, a new arc for the title. Parker said in a CBR interview that the T’Bolts in this series right now will still be involved going through time. But these ‘Dark Avengers’ are going to take over in a few months since the original team is gone.

      It’s stupid because it’s a marketing ploy. There’s no reason to turn the name of the title (and more then likely raise the price) if this is only going to be for an story arc or two. Call the story ‘Dark Avengers’, don’t go out of our way an alienate fans on doing a ‘change’ when there’s no need for it.

      When the book is renamed back to Thunderbolts then I’ll pick it up again.

    • That’s a good point about the price, Champ. I hadn’t considered that, but why the hell wouldn’t they raise the price to match the other Avengers titles.

      On the other hand, Academy is still 2.99, isn’t it?

  2. It’s in the tradition of this title to have the whole team replaced, periodically.

    And the name has been messed with before (albeit slightly) as well.

    I’ve been with this book since issue #100.

    I’m sticking around until issue #200.

    I hope they don’t raise the price, or if they do, at least make it a subscription title.

    • Its not a subscription title now? I thought it was. I also don’t quite understand the hatred for this book, as it has been a consistently good title for quite some time. I agree that the name change is superfluous, but if the current team is returning I understand. If these characters are redeemable, I can understand them being on the Thunderbolts roster. Remember, Crossbones was chosen to be on the team at one point.

  3. I’m hoping the name change and new characters are only a temporary thing — to cash in on the movie. Otherwise, I may be dropping it again — despite just picking it up again recently (on a monthly basis).

  4. i’ll be jumping on when this is rebranded as dark avengers. was a huge fan of the original bendis/deodato run during dark reign.
    im interested in being introduced to these characters that i know so little about. clor, skaar and dark spider-man. and as i’ve mentioned before i’d love to see daken and a resurrected bullseye as dark daredevil(complete with the black costume DD was wearing when he killed him) added to this gumbo of murky misfits.

  5. I’m sticking with this book as long as we still get screen time with the Underbolts traveling through time. I still can’t wait for the payoff of the classic Thunderbolts vs. the new team and what the ramifications of that will be like. I’m treating the new direction in the same way its being presented to us. Osborn is done and so his Dark Avengers get a chance at redemption through the Thunderbolts program at the Raft, no big deal as long as we still see Songbird, Mach 5, Luke Cage, and others.

  6. I will definitely start reading when it becomes Dark Avengers. Is there a good jumping on point before then though?

  7. This was a great issue, which makes the future of this title all the more frustrating.

    A semi-horror issue, Songbird’s horrifying journey was perfectly written by Parker. From toe-sucking to unnecessary surgery, it definitely was a terrible day for her. Also, the art by Kev Walker just made this all the more beautiful and disturbing to look at. I love this series and I hope this upcoming throwback arc is just as great as this issue was.

    5/5 (POTW)

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