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Before he was pressed into service for the Thunderbolts, the mysterious swamp monster of the team knew another life: as guardian for a force of nature called The Nexus of Realities. An old friend of the creature does remember this–and breaks the silent one out of The Raft to return to duty at the borders of our world. What danger awaits the Man-Thing–and what will The Thunderbolts say to losing their favorite plant? The team is back in action after word has come down on high about a weakness in Thunderbolt’s, and they must bolster their ranks to deal with the imminent magical threats. Luke Cage calls on New Avenger DOCTOR STRANGE to help find the perfect candidate to fill the role, but bringing this person in is far from easy–which is why SATANA will make a fine Thunderbolt. Back at The Raft, the status quo is changing to an even greater extent without Luke’s knowledge. Get ready for new levels of lightning-like justice!

Story by Jeff Parker
Art by Kev Walker & Jason Gorder
Colors by Frank Martin
Letters by Albert Deschesne
Cover by Stephanie Hans & Gerald Parel

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.9%


Peteparker04/04/11YesRead Review
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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. This is the best “Avengers” book out there, bar none!!

  2. @AmirCat Hear hear!!

  3. nice cover

  4. @AmirCat  Preach it brother.

  5. Not the biggest fan of the magical resurgance Marvel has been pushing because most people can’t pull it off too well. However Jeff Parker is not the average Marvel Writer. I loved his Dark Reign: The Hood miniseries and that dealt with magic quite well.

  6. I really hope Strange is going to be on for a while. But judging from the solict it doesn’t appear to be so….oh well this should be a lot of fun anyways.

  7. @bjbancroft  – amen my brothah!!!

  8. @RoiVampire  – Hallaluujah brotha!!

  9. @AmirCat  Gimme a ” HELL YEAH! ” No one is sitting around talking and eating giant slices of pizza here! Nothing but action and character development.

  10. Solicit text is wrong for this btw.

  11. Wait.  I’m only a moron.  It’s right.

  12. Favorite Marvel title right now.

  13. I’m sad to say I haven’t gotten on this title yet.

    Dr Strange is making this decision very easy for me.

  14. This was a solid issue as always. However I think the story is kind of boring me a bit. Not a whole lot, but it seems like the writing is taking a step back for the artists to shine. I haven’t really be entertained by a story since the Shadowland tie-in to be honest. But the art by Kev Walker is still top notch as always.


  15. Man Thing can do no wrong!

  16. Man, am I glad I jumped onto this book. Loved this issue. I must agree that this is the best, most original “Avengers” title on the stands.

  17. I love that it boiled down to:

    Man-Thing? Why didn’t you say so! I’m in.

  18. More Thunderbolt candidates next issue?  I’m swooning. 

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