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Before he was pressed into service for the Thunderbolts, the mysterious swamp monster of the team knew another life: as guardian for a force of nature called The Nexus of Realities. An old friend of the creature does remember this–and breaks the silent one out of The Raft to return to duty at the borders of our world. What danger awaits the Man-Thing–and what will The Thunderbolts say to losing their favorite plant? The team is back in action after word has come down on high about a weakness in Thunderbolt’s, and they must bolster their ranks to deal with the imminent magical threats. Luke Cage calls on New Avenger DOCTOR STRANGE to help find the perfect candidate to fill the role, but bringing this person in is far from easy–which is why SATANA will make a fine Thunderbolt. Back at The Raft, the status quo is changing to an even greater extent without Luke’s knowledge. Get ready for new levels of lightning – justice!

Story by Jeff Parker
Art by Declan Shalvey
Colors by Frank Martin
Letters by Albert Deschesne
Cover by Greg Land & Dan Brown

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 7.7%


TheNextChampion03/02/11NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. That’s one heck of a cover.

  2. I love when Shalvey fills in. I’ve come around on Kev Walker, but Shalvey is one of my favorite artists.

  3. This will be my third attempt to jump onto this title. Every time I read an issue that’s awesome they jump right into a crossover that I have no interest in. Loves me some Man-Thing, though.

  4. X-overs = I’m out.  Thunderbolts themselves = I’m in.

  5. Aight. I’m giving this another shot. I loved the first trade I bought, but kind of resented paying $14 for 4 issues. At $2.99 though, this may be one of those fun “monthlies” I enjoy enough to pick up every week but don’t mind it not sitting on my trade shelf.

  6. Satana sure has been getting some love lately at Marvel. The Hyperion appearance in the last two issues and the devil’s daughter arrival in this issue has me reading this book again.

  7. Woo!! Time for some Declan Shalvey goodness!

    (Although to be honest, I still haven’t got the previous issue yet so I might double dip this week) 

  8. I love the crossovers. Thunderbolts is a book where I can read about an awesome team and also get updated on what’s happening in the Marvel U.

  9. I jumped on this book at issue #110 when Ellis took over and loved it. I almost dropped it at issue #147 with the whole scared straight cross over with Avengers Academy but im glad i didnt. Never got the AA issues and the story was fine, I heard the AA issues were just a different prospective. I could never get into Agents of Atlas but Jeff Parker is doing a amazing job on this.

  10. I’ve been getting Thunderbolts since issue 100, and I plan on staying with this title until at least issue 200. Fun stuff.

  11. That is one bad ass cover.

  12. @CaseyJustice You should give the crossover issues a chance if you haven’t already! Jeff Parker always has a way of telling his own stories, despite crossovers. I thought that the Thunderbolts Shadowland stories were particularly awesome. Just throwing that out there.

  13. What is going on with Greg Land doing great covers now a days? 

  14. He read our hurtful comments and took them to heart.

  15. @TheNextChampion  that man-thing cover is actually Art Adams. But you’re right Land has been killing it on these covers lately

  16. My POTW even though the story wasn’t the strongest ever. I mean it was really good and it had a great last page, but not the most memorible issue with the writing. But the art in this by Shalvey was just damn perfect. Totally nailed the tone of the issue and he really needs to be on a book ongoing now.

    5/5 (POTW)

    @RoiVampire: Huh, your right. It is an Adams drawing….yet the solict and the recap page says it’s Land. Weird. 

  17. Read this in the store, but didn’t buy due to lack of funds. Great stuff.

  18. I love this book! Really liked the Ghost back story and now the Man-Thing backstory. Good stuff.

  19. Another awesome issue. Still the best team book on the shelves.

  20. @CaseyJustice  Way to support the industry!

  21. This is one of the best series on the market..don’t know whay it doesn’t have more buzz.

  22. Hope you say the same to the cats in Borders and Barnes & Noble too.

    Casey did the socially acceptable way of bypassing paying for something you have consumed.

  23. Doesn’t the solicit seem more like it should be for the next issue, if not spoil the reveal at the end of this issue?

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