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Luke Cage’s squad of fierce felons face the nature of true evil when they uncover secrets of the ancient order known as The Hand beneath Hell’s Kitchen! Will a group of people rarely known for doing the right thing choose a higher path…or will they add to the power of the ninja cult? Meanwhile, as Cage fights to help his friend Daredevil up on the streets, he realizes that he picked a bad time to trust his skeleton crew of criminal operatives on an unsupervised mission! So come on, all you DD fans, pick up this issue and find out why Aint It Cool News raves: “very fun…I love this cast…this one is definitely going back on my pull list.”


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  1. I am loving Shalvey. I really hope he gets more work from the big two.

  2. I love this book quite a bit, wish we could have less Tie-ing In, though. It’s been 5 issues and three of them have been event laden!

  3. @PraxJarvin

    Going by solicits, it looks like that is just the format of the book.

  4. Yeah this looks like this is a crossover series now. Cause it’s going into Hulk territory in a few issues. Such a shame that Parker can’t be allowed to do whatever he wants in the story.

    However, Parker is making this so entertaining right now that being a crossover hasn’t been a problem. Plus we get more Declan Shalvey which is a good thing, a VERY good thing.

  5. so we don’t believe that the writers get to opt-in to the events and crossovers?

  6. @ABirdseysView

    I think that this crossover only format may be Parker’s choice. It’s certainly working well. 

  7. @ABirdsEysView There have been differing statements from people working at Marvel as to how much there is opting in and how much there isn’t. Peter David has claimed his recent crossovers with X-Factor were all opt-ins designed to bring in readers, yet has said at other times that modern events have made the choice for most writers:"Opt-In or else." JMS more or less quit Thor because he would have had no choice but to tie-in with Siege. There are definitely others, those are two most concrete I know of. However, I’ve always doubted how much of a choice most writers get in these matters. Because it’s clear when there are work arounds (Spider-Man one-shots, YA/Runaways minis, etc.) and then there are perplexing tie-ins (Most of the Secret Invasion ones) which seem at odds to the book/character’s tone. I would say the higher profile the writer, and the less involved the character/team are directly in an event the more they can say no. As well, I think fans want to hear "I wanted to a write this story for this event" as good PR over "Well, I *had* to do it." All that said, there are writers who want to be involved in events to 1) get their book out there, 2) get their name out there, 3) to make their book feel at the center of the event. The issue is that we’re never going to get a straight answer on opting-in because it serves no practical purpose for someone to reveal that to the audience. (Unless they want to stamp their feet because they feel above having to tie there character in to a major event. coughJMScough.)

  8. This book can crossover all it wants because Parker has shown that he can work with within those mandates to tell a damn fine story.

  9. @Prax- I see what you are saying on all your points.  I think the "or else" is usually or else they’ll get someone else to write a tie-in, not necessarily that the writer gets taken off the book or anything like that.  I guess it was the remark, not yours, about Parker not being able to do what he wants.  maybe he did want to tie-in to Shadowland.  with Luke Cage starring in the book, it makes sense.  plus, the crossover with Avengers Academy was likely a choice of his and Gage’s.  at any rate, the issues in question have been good

  10. @ABirdsEysView Oh, I certainly agree that the crossovers seem natural and well handled here. I’m not so much miffed by the crossovers but the sheer volume of more issues being tie-ins than not! Though, it’s not precluding my enjoyment.

  11. This was my POTW for being so god damn fun.

    Ninja’s galore in this and it’s all made possible by Parker’s great script and Shalvey’s fantastic artwork. Even as a forced tie-in, you can’t beat seeing Crossbones just burning anything in his way. The ending though really shocked me. I didn’t see it coming and it made me realize that I probably shouldn’t be rooting for many (if not all) of the characters in this book. Great issue all around.

    5/5 (POTW) 

  12. So no one other then me read the book then?

    Come on! Someone else had to love Ninja’s getting BBQ’d!

  13. Fantastic issue although I don’t remember the terrigen mist thing at all heh.




    Did Crossbones accidentally kill the cop or do it on purpose?

  14. @SirCox: Crossbones got exposed to the Mists two issues ago when they were fighting the transformed HAMMER agents.

    Also, it looks like to me that he did it on purpose. At least that’s how the scripting made it seem.

  15. Great issue. Close to POTW.

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