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The new era for Marvel’s always-evolving, always controversial team kicks off here! It’s a beginning, a return, a departure, and an arrival of a new artist (MARVEL ZOMBIES 3 & 4’s Kev Walker) all rolled into one in a fresh, shocking status quo! The most dangerous people on Earth are now all in one hellish prison, and the only way out is through rehabilitation and contribution to society via The Thunderbolts…under the leadership of the steel-hard-skinned Avenger named Luke Cage! So bring on the first participants: Juggernaut! Crossbones! Ghost! Moonstone! And…Man-Thing? Against the sordid recent history of the group as a black ops kill squad, can Power Man restore the Thunderbolts to their rightful potential? Find out as the entire series is revamped, and also discover why says: “Jeff Parker writes villains with his typical panache…This is why I read comic books.”

WRITER: Jeff Parker
PENCILS: Kev Walker
INKS: Kev Walker
LETTERED BY: Comicraft
COVER BY: Marko Djurdjevic

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.0%


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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. I’m giving this a shot but man it’s either this or secret avengers i think. buying too many books lately

  2. I’ve loved this series since Ellis’s run and have either picked up issues or hardcovers. I’m switching to hardcovers now.

  3. giving this two issues. I really am only in it for some man-thing action.

  4. I’m with you except I’m in it for Luke and Juggernaut

  5. I think everyone could use some Man-Thing action. Am I right guys?

  6. @drake.  No. I could definitely do without any "Man-Thing action".  Sorry:(

  7. I’m in it mainly for Luke Cage and Juggernaut, but we’ll see how it goes.

    @vadamowens Such a buzzkill. 

  8. I dont know if anyone else saw the preview but damn… this book looks gorgeous!

  9. Yeah, they were raving about the art on the podcast.

  10. Another contestant in my two-men enter one man leaves Avenger comic Thunderdome. This one doesn’t have Avengers in its title, but I am not fooled. That is definitely Luke Cage on the cover. Now which comic is Master Blaster and which is Mel Gibson?

  11. Is this the issue the guys mentioned in the podcast last night?

  12. Yes

  13. I hope this turns out good, because the last few issue really where so so at best. I know Parker was just getting ready to get rid of the last team, but I wonder how it would have turned out if Diggle stayed on it.

  14. So stoked

  15. The more you all talk about the lineup the more I realize I’m glad Ghost is still on the team.

  16. Although I am pretty excited for this book, I find it hard to believe that Crossbones will be rehabilitated. He will be back causing terrorism after he serves his time under the Thunderbolts.

  17. I’m tempted, but…I don’t think I can pick this up in good conscience.

  18. Ghost to me is the most interesting character on this team,,

  19. I’m not entirely sold on the artwork, but I really want to give this book an honest shot so it’s got one issue to impress me.

  20. Can anyone tell me where Songbird is?

  21. She’s doing freelance work in coal mines these days.

  22. Thunderbolts continues to rake the muck of the dark, unused corner of the Marvel-verse, where characters like Plant-man and Porcupine get their due. Nice line-up, great selection for a team leader, Thunderbolts marches proudly along. I’ve been on-board since Civil War, so I ain’t quitting now. Go Cage!!! I’ve been waiting for this since HfH. When will the Falcon get a team leader gig?

  23. I like Luke Cage. I like the Juggernaut. I like Moonstone.

    But I have HATED Parker’s Thunderbolts work so far. So I’m kinda torn. I’ll give it a go. But if the dialogue is as… awkward as the last few issue I won’t be staying.

  24. Now that Avengers: The Initiative is gone, it looks like this will be my new favorite guilty pleasure.

  25. Well… The Initiative isn’t exactly gone, is it? It’s just becoming Avengers Academy. Same writer. Many if the same teachers too…

  26. True, but for me, the Taskmaster was the star of that book, and as far as I know, he’s not going to be in the Academy.  So, without him, I’m not very interested.

  27. Oh this was really enjoyable. Written right for me. Some wonky art in places (Juggernaut looks like a beige box and not a muscular man in one panel. Oh and Songbirds hair.) but a great feel and style to it. The team is a little smaller than I thought it would be, but that’s not a bad thing. There’s a good feel to the team, too. I’m hoping the former T-bolts will make more than token appearances. 5/5 for me and in the running for my POTW.

  28. What an issue! Stellar character work, fantastic art and call-back after call-back to the T-Bolts of old. POW for sure.

  29. This was a ton of fun. May be my POTW, but have to read everything over again to make sure.

  30. Really, really good. I think Luke Cage brings a lot to this team. It will be really fun to see how things go down. Who is willing to change, who isn’t? I hope there are some nice big twists coming up. Never read Thunderbolts before, so that last cliffhanger meant nothing to me, but I’m excited to read more.

  31. A few art issues but this comic really works.
    Simple and interesting premise, bunch of interesting character moments with Cage and im not really sure whats going to happen in the next issue.

    And its only $2.99 😀
    This is one of the few Marvel relaunches I’ll actually be able to buy on a continuing basis 🙂

  32. The art and the ending were cool.

  33. This was fantastic! Anyone else catch the Aziz Ansari reference? ("Neck tattoo")

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