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  1. Hating the billy tan covers (He’s not a bad artist, he just draws horrible thunderbolts covers), but really enjoying the paint-y art and solid Gage writing.

  2. I was not a fan of the Ellis T-Bolts, but I do love me some Gage, and the first issue was pretty decent.

  3. This is one of my favorite books out there right now. I just love the characters and the story, and seriously, reading about scumbag heroes is jam-packed with ironic hilariousness you can’t find anywhere else.

  4. Loved the Ellis, enjoying the Gage, and have high hopes for the upcoming Diggle stuff!

  5. I almost dropped this book when Ellis left, but Gage is doing a pretty good job.  This book is entirely readable.  I can’t wait for Diggle’s run, though.

  6. I want to stop reading this book, but they won’t stop putting talented writers on it. Bastards!

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