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  1. Well, we’ll see if this series loses everything Ellis did in his brilliant run…..God help us all.

  2. Gage=Goodness.

  3. @Kimbo — Agreed!  I’m really looking forward to this.

  4. The preview pages are looking good. Not as good as before, but still plenty _good_.

  5. I’m more worried about the art. Gage can do just as much with these characters as Ellis.

  6. I like Gage. But this was so unnecessary.

  7. @AndyLawler  What was unnecessary?

  8. my shop didn’t have this in :(, I wanna know what’s unnecessary in this issue too.

  9. All this does is recap where the thunderbolts are now

    theres no forward progress 

  10. This issue provided a great jumping-in place for new readers, readers who may have heard about Thunderbolts but didn’t want to come into the middle.  Everyone’s powers, personalities, motives, and past were clearly explained.  Also, this is a Secret Invasion tie-in — and, whether you like crossovers or not, this issue makes it easy for anyone picking up the title as a crossover to get the team, get the gist, and maybe keep reading after Secret Invasion ends.  I thought it was an unexpectedly savvy move. 

  11. I cant believe i forgot to pick it up!

  12. @resolute  Thats all well and good but they need to throw a bone to the regular readers

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