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  1. I think this finally ends Ellis’ story, not that i didn’t like it, but it took forever to come out, which i guess is par for the course for ellis

  2. can’t wait for some more norman osborn!

  3. Starting on Thunderbolts as a regular pull this week if I can get my hands on the first trade.  I’ve heard it is damn good.  If so, I’ll add this team of miscreants to my regular pulls.

  4. thanks to Norman I only take naked dictation, it really does work.

  5. This was a fun run and I will def stick around for Gage’s arc

  6. Last issue of this was insane, in spite of the lengthy build up.

  7. @MrGlass  I don’t know that it’s that common for Ellis, particularly; I understand the Planetary and Fell delays are mostly artist-related.  I don’t know that his Marvel stuff tends to be particularly bad, but there might be something I’m not thinking of.

  8. Also, Warren Ellis should write crazy Norman Osborn always and forever.


  9. An average ending to a great storyline.  They’ve gotta do away with the requisite 6 issue storyarcs, this got wrapped up way too quickly

  10. @cutty  The ending did seem a bit abrupt, but the more I think about it, the more I think it worked — all the pieces fell into place, and the anticlimax of the prison break plot actually seems deliberate on reflection.  And I love the setup this left for Gage to take over the book.  

  11. Ah Green Goblin, how I’ve missed you so. I didnt miss you when you had sex with Gwen Stacy, but now with Ellis writing you I truely remember how kick ass of a fucking villian you truely are!

    Sad to see this series end with Ellis gone. I know it’ll be written by someone else but come on: Does anyone honestly think anyone could write Thunderbolts the same way Ellis did?

  12. @thenextchampion   It won’t be the same as Ellis — and I *loved* Ellis’s series — but Christos Gage has already been writing the fill-in issues and doing a great job.  Gage has long been the writer I have most wanted to have a regular Marvel book.  He is great at writing character, he knows Marvel continuity like no one alive (apparently only Dan Slott can compete with him), and, unlike a lot of writers steeped in continuity, he is great at conveying that knowledge to readers in a way that makes coherent sense.  I can’t wait for his T’bolts, or for his Rhodey-centric arc on the Iron Man: Director of SHIELD book.

  13. Hate to se this creative team leave this book, they were knocking my socks off with each book, the pacing was a little slow but damn I enjoyed the ride. Will be dropping this book again. But really enjoyed the ride. Thanks for the ride.

  14. @ohcaroline: Well if your talking about the seperate stories while we were waiting for the main story. Then, ok, maybe it can be a good series with Ellis gone. But come on, in my eyes Ellis is the man that made what was once a terrible group…Into a team that is now revelant in the Marvel U again. This Cage guy needs to either step it up in terms of writing or just continue the Ellis format. Cause I can guarennte you that if his first arc as the main writer sucks, this title could be cancelled in the near future,

  15. @thenextchampion   Well, if the title sucks, it should be cancelled.  But I don’t have any reason to think it will suck.  Gage is an interesting writer — he did the Civil War one-shot where Cap & Iron Man met up to talk about their shared history, and fight one-on-one, which I think was the best thing to come out of CW — and he has a history with these characters.  I like Ellis’s work on this book as much as anybody, but I don’t think that’s a reason to dismiss a new creative team without giving it a chance.

  16. i didn’t mind the ending but penance is more awesome than ever in this issue

  17. Penance aka Ed Norton

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