Greatest friends or greatest rivals? Asgard or Olympus? Hammer or mace? God of Thunder or Prince of Power? When two half-human gods such as Thor and Hercules meet up, they come to blows as often as they join forces against threats such as Pluto and Ares! No matter the world, no matter the stakes, no matter the property destruction, see these two demigods seek to prove who is the strongest…even when they switch costumes! Women and mead not provided.

Collecting JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY ANNUAL #1, THOR (1966) #126, #221, #356 & #437, THOR ANNUAL #5, THOR: BLOOD OATH #3-4, INCREDIBLE HERCULES #136 and material from THOR #400.

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  1. This sould be fun, though I think they could have chosen better artwork for the cover. I’m pretty sure Kirby did a couple of Hulk vs Thor covers that are considered classics. Not that the Buscema cover is bad, it’s just not a classic.

  2. Now this is a trade I can get behind!

    Not only does it have ‘the’ best issue of 2009 in it (Incredible Hercules #136) but the overall concept has loads of entertainment. I think people forget sometimes that these two have had a history together and they normally hate each other. Definitely a must buy for any comic fan.

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