Continuing an epic reimagining of the God of Thunder!

In This Issue: The Awesome Asgardian does battle with Raging Robots!

Written by Roger Langridge
Art and cover by Chris Samnee

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Are they rushing this out? Last issue was two weeks ago.

    And the first trade is sold out before releasing at Midtown Comics. C’mon Marvel, do the right thing. Give us four more issues. 

  2. Agreed.  Run to 12, dammit!

  3. Last issue might have been my favourite yet.  Looking forward to seeing how they keep up the Jane/Thor romance after that last page.

  4. I could’a swore this issue was going to be a fill-in artist. I was kind of excited to see someone else’s take on it, but, y’know, I will never gripe about more Samnee.

  5. At this point I think we are looking for a really nice collection of the whole run, so I wouldn’t want another artist watering this down. Hopefully they get to some sort of resolution by issue 8. I know this is mostly a one and done format, but there is an overarching Thor trying to go home story that would be nice to sorta tie up.

  6. The Comics Bulletin quote on the cover felt particularly cruel under the circumstances: “just keeps getting better and better, and it started out great.” Then you turn to the final page to have confirmed what you already knew, but hoped against hope that had been a mistake: “FINAL ISSUE on sale 1/12/11.”

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