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  1. I’m hit or miss with Milligan, but we’ll see how it goes. 

  2. Hopefully you can’t go wrong with gods throwing down.

  3. I wish the next JMS issue would come out already. I read the entire run about a month ago, liked it, but it’s like "Uh, are they still publishing this? If I was just going to read a bunch of backissues I should have waited till the series was done. I was planning on hopping on board, but there’s nothing to hop on board TO." Maybe I missed the newest issue or something, but I don’t think I have…

  4. No, I believe his last issue is coming out Next week, flapjaxx.

  5. ^Good to know, man, thanks! I knew there was only an issue or two left anyway, but I felt like reading another current Marvel series. I’ve heard that most of the non-JMS one-shots have been pretty good, so maybe I’ll start going back and picking them up, along with this annual if it gets good reviews.

  6. The Matt Fraction One-Shots are quite good. The Milligan "Trial of Thor" was blah and easily missable. The Alan Davis Thor one-shot is terrible.

  7. I’m skipping this.  Marvel Annuals have disappointed me lately and I don’t care for Milligan’s stuff

  8. I’m excited for the reprint of the 1st apperance of Thor, regardless of how good the new content is.  Hopefully the new stuff is good too though.

  9. I pulled this, but then changed my mind when I got to the shop.  I guess there’s no "un-pull" option on this site huh?  I think I’ll stick around for the last JMS issue and most likely give the new writer a couple issues.  Not exactly thrilling me at the moment.

  10. @dneufeld To Un-pull a book, click on "YOUR COMICS" under the iFanboy masthead up top, scroll down to the comic you want to remove, then click on REMOVE COMIC button just to the left of the WRITE A REVIEW and [MAKE YOUR PICK]. 

  11. Thanks Prax, I just signed up and this is my second week pulling books.  I’m finding it helpful because once I get to the shop, I remember the books I want as well as any others I haven’t pre-ordered, like the Thor Annual. 

  12. And I just decided I don’t care about this. I didn’t much care for Milligan’s Trial of Thor story and, except for the beautiful art on Uncanny Annual, Marvel annuals haven’t been good of late. (I wish Quesada had kept that policy!)

  13. My book did not have a reprint of Journey into Mystery #83, thanks a lot Marvel.

  14. yeah, mine didn’t have it either.  was this a mistake in the solicit?  did anybody get it?

  15. @Prax: I agree with your Alan Davis and Matt Fraction opinions on Thor. I don’t know if I’m going to keep reading Thor after JMS’s departure or not.

  16. The story was fine, but it was rather pointless.  If my shop didn’t throw it in my box, I wouldn’t have picked this up.  I wish they didn’t put it in there.

  17. It was an okay read while waiting for the next Thor issue.

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