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  1. I look forward tot his book every month.  Did Coipel do anything between this and house of M?

  2. I got this one early (before Labor Day) via Marvel subscriptions. Solid, if not exceptional. Kind of a fun arc, but I am surprised at how popular this run has become.

  3. @capcool He did the New Avengers Annual (Where Luke Cage married Jessica Jones).

  4. Loki you evil little bitch. This is great Thor!

  5. I dropped the book with the artist change, but it looks like the artist from the first run is back (right?), so I came back to the book again. Looks great!

  6. I love the 2 panels where William tries to explain how scoring works in sports. Made me laugh out loud. I also thought the page where he tries to throw the flowers to Kelda was hilarious.

  7. I was thinking of dropping this, but… there’s something about it that I can’t help but like. The art and the story’s background is great. I heard this is going to be linked to Secret Invasion soon too (or that might be a mini-series, I haven’t looked at the Secret Invasion schedual yet) and that gives me a reason to stick with this story. If the quality of the story continues then this might become one of my favourite books to read.

  8. That conversation Loki had about ‘being a man’ was funny and I keep enjoying that character’s new feel in this series.  Always finds an ear willing to listen, which I find is amazing.

  9. Wow, I just read this one and I think it is going to be my POW. It just felt like a THOR title should feel–with Balder, Loki, Volstagg, and the rest. The scripting was good and the art better. I think I would vote the inker best in the biz. Yeah, I really liked this book, and I think I am going to go back and pick up the issues I missed while the other artist was filling in. Top marks.!

  10. Wow! A lot of big hitters took the field this week, but it was definitely Thor’s week to shine. Haven’t finished all my books yet, but i’m fairly confident that nothing will top this. Everything a Thor book should be and more. The encounters between human and asgardian gods are so enjoyable. Scripting is damn near perfect. Art fantastic. A must read.

  11. Well, parts of this book almost turned my brain inside-out (Balder’s internal monologue about his place in the world) and parts of it made me laugh (the dude explaining what points are in a basketball game) … and it all added up to a pretty strange mix, but damn enjoyable comic.

    I know JMS has a legion of loyal haters, but he’s one of my favourite writers and always delivers the goods in my eyes — and this book was no exception.

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