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THOR #620.1

START READING with this Point One issue.

The nefarious Grey Gargoyle, on a quest for immortality, sets out to attain godhood in Asgard. Thor, god of Thunder, must end Gargoyle’s rampage! Witness an epic showdown between the Prince of Asgard and the dreaded villain with the power to turn his enemies to stone! But, can even the Mighty Thor defend the Golden City, and how will this battle impact Asgard for ages to come? Find out here!

Story by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Art by Mark Brooks
Colors by Sonia Oback & John Rauch
Cover by Ed McGuinness

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. Ok, these 0.1 issues are completely off the rails. Now, it’s not even the regular writer writing them? Aren’t these supposed to get people excited about the regular comic?

    That said, I dropped Fraction’s Thor after one issue, but DnA and Mark Brooks have me seriously considering this one.

  2. A one and done issue of Thor by DnA for 2.99???? Sold!!

  3. I was going to pass this over like always. THEN I saw the Gray Gargoyle. THEN I saw Abnett and Lanning. SOLD.

  4. What’s funny is that, not even does this have to do with anything Fraction is doing with the book but Fraction isn’t even writing this!

    Hell they did even give Kieron Gillen (Journey Into Mystery) a shot at this. Not even any of the artists for both Thor books are doing this.

    What a pointless campaign by Marvel, utterly pointless. 

  5. The year of the Grey Gargoyle continues!

  6. Out of all the ongoing series with these Point One issues, Thor is the only series I’m not reading. I fell off the wagon pretty hard with the first few issues. This was minorly due to the snail’s pace of the story, but majorly due to Thor’s characterization as a bemoaning wussbag. Neverless, I’ll read the first trade when it’s released to see what I think. But anyway…

    This’ll be my true Point One test, as since I’m just jumping into the Thor series with this issue, I’m the key demographic. Storywise, the previous Point One issues were pretty good reads (Wolverine, Uncanny X-Force, Amazing Spider-Man) with only a few being pointless wastes of time (Deadpool, Invincible Iron Man). And hell, you don’t need to push me hard to read a story by DnA and Mark Brooks.

  7. I was going to pass on this, but DnA made me buy it.  I blame them completely. I, of course, have no mind of my own. 

  8. <snarkiness> I just don’t have the continuity knowledge to jump on with marvel’s .1’s…. </snarkiness>

  9. This, along with Wolverine and Hulk, is certainly one of the best of the Point One issues.

  10. Best Point One issue that I’ve read yet.  I think it would actually catch a new reader up on what Thor is all about. 

  11. OK story, but I don’t see how this accomplishes any of the .1 issue claims. It didn’t seem to set any new status quo or even a new story line, it was more of a one and done average issue. Meh…

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