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THOR #619

With Ol’ One Eye seated again on the throne of Asgard, learn ye now the story of the World Tree– the birth of spacetime itself! Speaking of Odin… guess who’s got one eye and isn’t exactly thrilled to see young Loki again? And as the refugees of nine worlds brace for the relentless invasion by the dark gods of the Tenth World, hoping against hope they’ll live to see tomorrow, two of Asgard’s most mighty ready themselves to make the ultimate sacrifice! This is it, true believers– the last moment of daylight before the skies rip open and rain down blood… and the WORLD EATERS… next stop MIDGARD!!

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Pasqual Ferry
Colors by Matt Hollingsworth
Letters by John Workman
Cover by Pasqual Ferry, Matt Hollingsworth

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. Who is Fraction paying to be on the books of two of the most prominent Marvel characters? 

    Thank Odin, I mean God, for Pasqual Ferry.

  2. I just jumped on when Fraction started on this title.  But now I have to decide if I want to stick with this when it becomes “Journey into Mystery” or if I want to jump to the new Thor book.  

  3. @zattaric  I’m jumping to the new Thor but I’ll still buy the first issue of Mystery just to check it out

  4. I’m pumped as hell for the big Mystery title shift. I can’t wait for fraction to get away from this book.

  5. @RoiVampire  Yeah, I’ll probably check them both out too.  Unless they’re both AMAZING, I’ll probably just end up sticking with one of them. 

  6. @zattaric i’ve been reading Thor since the JMS relaunch and gillen did some fill in issues before fraction came on that were brilliant! I wanna say he did like four or five issues and inthink two of them were my POTW so I would say definitely give it a shot. They had a more mythological tone than fractions more sci-fi take on Thor so they should compliment each other well

  7. @RoiVampire I’m with you.  Pick up the first issue and see what Gillen has planned for Loki.  The interview they did with him over at made it sound kind of interesting spin on it.

  8. @Trichon  Yeah, Fraction has really reminded me how much I love these characters so I’m down for any new good stories about them

  9. Really hoping for a new team on this. The writing it kind of slow and while I know it’s building to something there just isnt much interest in it.

    And the art…ugh, the art…it’s hard to actually read this when the art is such a distraction.

    I’m so close to dropping this. I probably will when they do the name change and seemingly switch focus to that horrible looking movie coming out.

    I’m really missing Thor The Mighty Avenger now…

  10. Jumped back on with this issue to give the creative team a second chance after being burned by that first issue.

    And now I’m jumping back off. Slow, depressing, melodramatic writing doesn’t quite fit Thor, not does all of the needlessly technical jargon. Also, Balder’s turned into a whiney, pathetic simpleton, which sucks.

  11. The sooner we end this run the better. I’m half tempted to just drop this one until Journey Into Mystery returns. This story has been just plain bad. No one is acting like they should, Balder is a whiny bitch, Thor is just a jerk and Odin is very close to being a drunken old man.
    The art is annoying as hell and hard to look at.

    There are two more issues of this hell…I might as well stick with it to complete the story the stay on for JitM and hope the new team actually knows how to do a Thor story.

  12. Whats with Bolder being depressive?   Was there even a reason to bring back Odin? Bolder is a awesome character I hate to see them use him like this. Whats the next is the Warriors Three to randomly jump off a cliff?

    After I read the ign article I now understand what is taking place and why they are doing this what is hard to excuse is the lack of creative story telling to get there.  Ok I guess I’m dong Bitching now.  Matt Fraction, good luck I am now looking forward to Journey into Mystery.

  13. I like how Fraction is a writer that plays up the conflicts between Odin and Thor. This is the relationship that makes Thor relatable in that “Marvel” kind of way.

  14. “Santa Claus is coming to town!”  Was anyone else reminded of that song while reading this?

    Again, thank Odin, I mean God for PFerry.  

    Is Thor like in the 3rd grade in this?  Fraction’s fave word is ‘stupid,’ but how stupid does he make Thor look in bringing back Loki now, almost felt embarrassed for him when Iron Man showed up and was like, “You brought Loki back?”  If Fraction intended for me to feel that way in reading this, well, that’s not the Thor I want to know in the MarvelU, because it’s like I’ve almost lost respect for the character for doing that.  

  15. Looks like I may be dropping this book. I can’t wait for Gullen to be back on a Thor book.

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