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THOR #618

Cover your ears and gird your loins for the four-letter word that changes everything for Thor, for Asgard and for Earth: O D I N. And you won’t believe who Ol’ One Eye brings back with him. On top of THAT, the God of Thunder has to deal with the ramifications of reincarnating Loki, the least of which are that the God of Tricks has taken a form no one saw coming. And if that wasn’t enough, the town of Broxton has to deal with the refugees of nine worlds, on the run and terrified as The World Eaters continue their trans-universal rampage of madness…!

Written by Matt Fraction
Art and cover by Pasqual Ferry

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. I’m loving the hell out of this run. For me at least, it’s hitting all the right notes of what makes Fraction one of my favorite writers in comics.

  2. I am digging Pasqual Ferry. Fraction is doing all right so far for me. I am not blown away, but he is not grating on me like the Uncanny stuff consistently does. With Thor the Mighty Avenger ending, I will give this Thor a few more issues to seduce me.

  3. @roi: agreed totally.

  4. I like this, and although I never intend to buy it I’ve picked you the last three issues and really enjoyed them. Watch that that I plan to buy it I won’t be able to get a copy.

  5. The art has been phenomenal.  Is it just me or does this seem like Fraction’s version of Green Lantern with the sci-fi elements and the different alien species?  Obviously it is not as fleshed out as the Green Lantern Universe after 3 issues, but I think Fraction may be trying to really expand the Thor-verse quite a bit here.

  6. Current favorite thing out of Marvel by miles and miles. 

  7. @TexasZombie99  He is and he’s doing it in a way thats completely natural if you’ve read any of the classic thor stuff. aliens and beings from other dimensions were always a part of it. not a huge part but they were always a factor

  8. @Roivampire, I’m definitey not complaining, I’m really enjoying Fraction’s take and expanding the mythos in the modern series.

  9. @TexasZombie99  Agree, stuff in this did feel Green Lantern-like to me on first impression, with the all-blue and all-red alien factions, and with the red aliens the more aggressive species, it was GL-esque.

    It’s all about Pasqual Ferry’s art in this book for me.

  10. Read two or more of these issues back to back. I read all four of Fraction’s issues in one sitting—incredible. Much like Invincible Iron Man, this is long form storytelling at its best. Pick up this trade when it comes it in a few months if you havnt been reading. Really incredible.

  11. This is my unquestionable pick of the week… actually, it is questionable—because I don’t know how to actually pick a pick of the week… so other than the question of how to make it my pick of the week: it is unqestionably so!!

  12. Balder the Brave ain’t so brave until the bravado he shows at the end.  

    That ‘storm colossus’ looked very Tron-like, but Pasqual’s art is just amazing, makes up for Fraction’s crap dialogue, although the overall story is good.

  13. I’m starting to lose interest in this series now. The writing isn’t as good as it used to be, all those cheap shots at Balder just don’t seem right, and the art…ugh, the art…
    I’ll just say this series is damn lucky Thor The Mighty Avenger, a far better title, is being canceled and I need this one for my Thor fix.

    I really don’t like the way Ferry is drawing Thor’s face right now.

  14. I mean who uses words like ‘bucolic’ and ‘cumulonimbus’?  It’s pretentious, crappy writing, Fraction’s gotta put that thesaurus down.  

    It’s Pasqual’s art that saves this book for me, would drop this like I did Invincible Iron Man, as Larocca’s art wasn’t enuf for me to follow that book.

  15. I jumped on in issues for Fraction’s run. (I collected JMS’s run in trade)  I’m liking it so far.  It has a very different aesthetic than the other books I read. 

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