THOR #618

Review by: Jdudley

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Written by Matt Fraction
Art and cover by Pasqual Ferry

Size: 32 pages
Price: 3.99

I can’t help but feel that a lot of people don’t realize how great a story Fraction is writing with his first (ongoing) Thor arc. I enjoyed the first issue of his run but then I slacked off and only just now went back and re-read that issue, and the next three, all in one sitting. Whoa!!

This book is UNREAL. If you haven’t read it yet, pick up this trade when it comes out. The collected format is definitely the best way to read this story (This is typical of all Fraction books come to think of it)

As this is long form storytelling, I can understand now why some individual issues have left readers with a lukewarm response. However, having read the books all together, I can verify that the story reads incredibly well and is meticulously plotted, and this issue truly sets things off.

Fraction is utilizing Thor’s supporting cast well and proving that the Thor Universe is a sandbox ripe for the most imaginative creators—and Fraction definitely fits into that category. He has wisely returned this universe to its roots: somewhere in the happy medium between fantasy and sci-fi, much as Kirby first envisioned it. At the same time, Perry’s artwork compliments Fraction’s mastery of fantasy storytelling to make this universe seem fresh and entirely new—as if we are exploring the 9 worlds for the very first time.
Indeed, Fraction is serving up a slow burn with this title; but the scope is epic, characterization spot on, and the powder keg that’s been expanding finally goes off. I won’t spoil it; but the payoff is most definitely here in this issue. Nothing could stop me from finishing this arc now.
I honestly wish I had waited a few more months to start reading this cause I’m aready dying for the next issue. If this quality keeps up, this could prove to be a very special run on Thor indeed.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Great review.  I may have to go back and get the last couple issues.  Thanks.

  2. Don’t agree Balder’s characterization is spot on at all, he’s supposed to be Balder the Brave, right?  He acts like a coward, then all of a sudden does a turn about after Thor reassures him, not very brave at all; and still think bringing back Loki was foolish and idiotic of Thor, but intriguing to see what repercussions that will bring, will Thor end up regretting it.

  3. Actually, Balder acting sheepish at the thought of violence has always been in his character—”the brave” part of Balder comes into play when he actually has to act.
    And Thor has always proved waaay to forgiving of Loki. The asgardians almost don’t have a choice in the cycles they are stuck in. That they try to break free of these cycles (ie-Thor giving the reincarnated Loki another chance) is very much in keeping with nearly all of the major Thor runs/stories

  4. I see giving Loki another chance as part of the cycle, not tryng to break it.  If he was trying to break the cycle, he’d let dead be dead.

    That’s a cop out for Balder, I just think it’s pretentious, crappy writing, would drop this book like I did Invincible Iron Man if it wasn’t for Pasqual’s amazing work in this.  Larocca’s art wasn’t enuf for me to keep buying Fraction’s Iron Man book.

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