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THOR #616

What kind of hell is coming for Asgard? What does Asgard’s presence on earth mean? Only one man knows for sure and he can’t get anyone to take him seriously. The reconstruction of his fallen city are first and foremost in the God of Thunder’s mind as an evil more terrifying than even he could imagine comes roaring down the World Tree. The Dark Gods are coming for Asgard. Here is blood! Here is thunder! HERE IS THE MIGHTY THOR!


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  1. I gave Fraction one issue w/ 615 and he got me.  

  2. Good opener. I especially liked the poor ice elves (or whatever). Ferry is doing some nice work, but I will need another issue or two before I am convinced.

  3. This is the first arc since Jurgens run that is not my cup of tea.

  4. I was slightly underwhelmed with the first issue of this (too many pages of that guy explaining stuff about multiple realities), but I’m glad that this issue is out so soon after 615. Ferry’s art was amazing, and I’m more than willing to give Fraction another issue to hook me.

  5. Man idk guys. 615 was awesome. More pumped about the direction of this series than probably any other out there.

  6. 615 seemed a bit like a prologue.  I don’t mean that in a bad way.  but it means that the story has not truly begun here.  If Fraction’s Thor run will be anything like his Iron Man run, he’s going for the long term plan

  7. This is going to be the make or break issue, I think.

  8. Fraction=on fire. He’s even got me back into Uncanny.

  9. Never read any Thor before in my life. Loved last issue. Didn’t get all of it, but the scientist explaining multiverses through pies was great!

    I’m not normally a fan of the artist, but it seemed to suit the book.

  10. The writing was OK on 615, but I’m not crazy about the art.  It’s done well, but I don’t think the kinda space-age design of the armor and I wasn’t a fan of the coloring at all.  

    As a side note, can Marvel give me one book without some sort of rip in time/space/dimensions?  Between Avengers, New Avengers, Thanos Imperitive, and now this I’m starting to think they’re running out of ideas.

  11. @Malecema: I respect your position on the art in the last issue, but I thought the the coloring was THE single best thing about the issue.

  12. I agree with Nick about the coloring. When I first saw the preview pages on my computer screen, I thought it looked blotchy and just awful. There’s something different about how this plays out on the page. It seems more smooth and really adds to Perry’s linework. Between Fraction’s writing, Perry’s lines, Hollingsworth’s colors, Workman’s letters, and my inherent love of the character, this book has all of the components to be my favorite title of all time. I loved the first issue, and can’t wait to see how this all works out. I’m hoping for a good long run from this creative team.

  13. Yeah I’m sold, I love Thor and I think fraction has the Asgard voice down pat

  14. Does it make me a nerd if John Workman’s lettering is what pushed me over the edge to start buying the series?

  15. I really loved the layout of this issue, very widescreen, really shows off the bigness or epicness that this book is trying to do.

  16. Is Fraction trying to rewrite Norse god mythology saying there are more than nine worlds of Yggdrasill?  Pretty ambitious and a lil pretentious to me.

  17. Wow what an issue!  The little guy warns Volstaag that they aren’t supposed to be here, bad guys go to Alfheim, Thor misses Loki, oh wait… THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED IN THE LAST ONE!  Looks like Thor is going to be as boring as Fraction’s Iron Man.  Dropped.

  18. Man oh man, verily, I am most surely looking forward to seeing where this doth go. 🙂

    You got me again, Matt Fraction!!!! 😀 

  19. This really does not seem like a Thor comic to me.  It seems a bit of an exercise in smugness and proof that he can write a comic script that easily equates to a film script.  More Thor as well please.

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