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THOR #608

SIEGE BLOCKBUSTER TIE-IN!! War has often come to Asgard before…but never like this! As the Shining City suffers the most brutal earthly attacks in its history, Thor and his allies fight to stay alive and save what they can! Might be a lost cause…The critically acclaimed breakout THOR run by Kieron Gillen (DARK AVENGERS: ARES) and Billy Tan (NEW AVENGERS) barrels on strong and takes turns you won’t want to miss!

WRITER: Kieron Gillen
ARTIST: Billy Tan, Rich Elson & Batt
COLORED BY: Christina Strain & Matt Hollingsworth
COVER BY: Mico Suayan

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. Damn I notice there are now 3 artists for this title. I’m gonna notice it and it’s gonna bug me all issue.

  2. Batt is the inker and I don’t know who Rich Ellson is??? In the Marvel solicitation there’s no Rich Ellson???

  3. @rockingeek: Ellson did half of the last issue with Tan. You could tell the difference because there we’re different colorists/inkers for each artist.

    Maybe it is a mistake, I would love to be. Last issue was solid except the change in art was too drastic for me.

  4. Yeah – the art is split between Rich and Billy for the Siege tie-ins, favouring Billy, before Doug Braithwaite takes over for 610.

    I divided the scenes up between Billy and Rich to keep as much coherence as possible – basically, Billy deals with the main Volstagg/Ragnarok arc while Rich deals with Tyr and Kelda. Only Heimdall/Balder are shared.


  5. Ok, I checked the last issue and you’re totally right, but, personally, I didn’t mind is art.

    and@ifanboy- Its Rich Elson, with only one L.

  6. @Kieron: If I can play the role as an interviewer real quick….

    What lead to the split in art duties? Tan didn’t have enough time to finish or was it always the case to split it up? Cause they way they are split up it makes sense. Tan does the more gritty, action elements; while Ellson does the more ‘calm’ moments.

    Good to hear that Braithwaite takes over for #610, he’s amazing.

  7. We were working on very tight deadlines, so when I was writing the script, I knew the issues would have to be split, so divided it up accordingly before handing it in. And, yes, I was thinking about which scenes I thought would best suit each artist. I’m really pleased with the results.


  8. @Kieron Well that certainly answers a lot, and makes sense. Although it was still a bit jarring to read the issue with the sudden changes. Hopefully all will be well with this one 🙂

    Thanks so much for the help Kieron.

  9. @kieron- I really love what your doing in the Marvel U. I really wish you get an ongoing, cause S.W.O.R.D., for me, was a perfect series. Fuck, you’re making me read Thor and I normally hate Thor.

    Awesome job, Cheers.

  10. Thanks! Honestly, as I tell everyone, I’m having the time of my life.


  11. They need to renumber this title when Fraction starts.  Who’s with me?

  12. Looking forward to this issue. I’ve been see-sawing  on how much I like this run with each issue, but I remember not really noticing the art switch so much, so Tan and Elson were well matched, so I’m not worried.

    @Kieron Thanks for all the work you and the team put into each issue!

    @Kickass To what end? Same medium, same content. If it’s the continuing adventures of Thor, I can’t see why. Because in 42 or 92 issues it’ll be renumbered again. Now if it’s Thor 2099… then yes.
  13. the creative team has clearly just been running a damn marathon to catch up after the delays of JMS’ run.  split artist duties will not bother me.

  14. I suspect with all the Captain America delay issues messing up issues all over Seige there was no way Marvel Editorial was going to let that happen to Thor, the third leg of the triumverate they are reassembling to start the Heroic age. I think Kieron has done a bang up job with what has been dropped in his lap with what I suspect were some very serious restrictions (Finish JMS story, get Thor here for Bendis, and then over there for Fraction, and oh yeah, nothing better be a day late). Let me second the "SWORD was awesome" meme, and I hope they let you do a similarly toned (i.e. wacky manic fun) work soon.

  15. Im only getting this because the last issue was so great

  16. This was a good issue as always. Gillen is proving more and more why he is a great writer for the Thor universe. Sadly the art is still bugging me a bit. Separate from each other, Elson and Tan’s art were great. But the art all together just didn’t go easy with the eyes. If it was the same colorists I don’t think I would mind all that much. Either way it was a pretty good issue all around.

  17. This was good, but not great. I thought both Elson and Tan had good moments in the issue, and some weak moments. Still enjoyable. But this really didn’t strike me as anything I’ll return to read down the line. 3.5/5

  18. VOlstag: You will pay for making Volstag run


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