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THOR #607

SIEGE BLOCKBUSTER TIE-IN!! Asgard lies under SIEGE! As the evil eye of Norman Osborn falls on Asgard, what happens to neighboring Broxton, Oklahoma? What unexpected enemies will be drawn to the scene like carrion to a carcass? And what unlikely heroes will rise to the town’s defense? The Asgardians face the battle of their lives…and the showdown that’s coming may end their new life on Earth as quickly as it began! Kieron Gillen and Billy Tan kick off their second spectacular arc!

WRITER: Kieron Gillen
PENCILS: Billy Tan
COVER BY: Mico Suayan

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. When does Fraction take over on this book? After Siege?

  2. No, I think in June???

  3. Thanks

  4. Hmm… I’ve been up on down on Gillen’s run. We’ll see where this issue takes me.

  5. I’m dropping it until after Siege. Loved Gillen’s previous issues, but have no interest whatsoever in Siege.

  6. Dropping this.  Wanted to see how the Doom arc played out but Gillen doesn’t do anything for me.

  7. I’m getting this only for Siege. From there I’ll see if I’m interested.  The JMS run didn’t impress me too much.

  8. Not reading Seige, but I don’t mind reading this. Gillen’s first arc was soild all around and I think he can provide some good issues…..Even if they are tie-ins.

    Shame once again he isn’t being allowed to stick after this title when the event is over.

  9. i liked gillen’s work and I have really come to love the townspeople of broxton, i hope this deals with how siege effects them.

  10. how hard would it have been for Billy Tan to do this cover?

  11. @TNC-It’s not a matter of Gillen not being "allowed" to stay. They needed someone to do these arcs before Fraction took over, so they gave him the job. It was never meant to be anything more than that and he knew it from the start.

  12. @drake: Well I don’t see why Gillen couldn’t be asked to continue the run.

  13. @TNC Marvel handed the keys of Post-JMS Thor to Fraction a while back. They thought JMS would stick around to do the Siege story (as it dealt with A LOT of his plot points) He chose not to (whatever your feelings on that.) Marvel was then left with a problem. Fraction wouldn’t want to be the guy who had to finish JMS’ run, plus he probably was already working on a whole new post-Siege direction and wants to start from there. Enter Gillen, a decent writer who Marvel had recently done some work on tying up the Continuity of Beta Ray Bill – doing essentially the same thing as he did here. You’re approaching the situation linearly, which was not the case.

  14. at the same time, if you listen to the Word Balloon Fraction did just before Ages of Thunder came out, he made it sound like he only had a limited well of Thor stories.  to me, it really was a bit of a surprise Fraction was taking over.  and, as I’ve brought up before, I wonder if was Gillen even considered.

  15. @ABirdseysview As I recall, it went "Gillen’s doing 3 issues." A week later: "Now he’s doing 6." So I think he was always a fill in in the editors’ eyes for the "Next" creative team, be it Fraction or someone else. It is important to remember, that whatever depth of Fraction’s "well of stories" it was popular fan reaction to his one-shots that prompted Marvel to consider him for the part. I think the positive reaction to Gillen will ensure his involvement with Thor sometime.

  16. @Prax- you’re right.  but, regardless of fan reaction, if a writer doesn’t want to tell a story, and editor isn’t going to say, "aw c’mon, give it a shot…" at least not a good editor.  and maybe Gillen had only a limited take on Thor anyway.

  17. Well, he know longer has Doom around to spin out one-liners. Thor will have to stand on his own. It seems like a long time since Thor was really the focus of Thor.

  18. Funny…the last time I really remember Thor being the focus of Thor might have been those Fraction one-shots.

  19. @ABird: That’s interesting, I didn’t know Fraction said that about his Thor ideas. Hope that means in the (1-2?) years time of writing those one-shots he does have some ideas. I’m sure he does….Whether they work is another proboem.

    @Prax: I hope this positive feedback gives Gillen another shot at this title. I mean I know right now, Fraction is the bigger draw, but Gillen definitely seems to know how to write Thor and his universe of characters. At least I think so, I know you’ve been somewhat iffy so far.

  20. yeah, off the top of my head, he had trouble early on with Thor, seemed to have a distaste for fantasy, similar to Ron’s.  but he found a way in with his "Thor for people who hate Tolkien" approach.

  21. This was soild, I think Gillen does have a natural touch to write Thor and the Asgardians. Weird about there being two artist though. Not really sure why Tan didn’t do all of this. (Most likely answer is that Tan probably couldn’t finish this in time) Either way it was a good issue and I do like how Gillen does use aspects of JMS’s run in this. The youtube bit was pretty funny, but then it turned a bit sad at the end.

  22. Bill and Kelda was THE story in JMS’ run.  SO glad to see Gillen follow up on it.

  23. This and Dark Wolverine makes a cool Ragnarok tie in.

  24. really enjoyed this issue, sure painted an interesting picture of the events surrounding siege

  25. Listen up Marvel!  We need more Heimdall.  Perhaps Cable could get bumped to make way for a new "Heimdall and Deadpool" title.  He’d make the perfect odd couple straight man.

  26. This was good Siege filler but the multiple artists and colorers jumping around & the big reveal at the end was lackluster

  27. This was pretty damn good. It reminded me alot of the Civil War issues of Captain America.

  28. This was a LOT weaker than his previous three issues imo, but then I really don’t care for Siege in the least. 

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