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THOR #605

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  1. Uh…..unless this is a dream come true I am going to assume this isn’t correctly updated. lol

    But Gillen/Tan surprised me with their first issue. Much better then I could ever hope. Can’t wait for a Thor vs Doom beatdown! 

  2. @TNC: You’re on Twitter, you know that we said that the comics page was a work in progress today.

  3. @conor: I actually did not see that tweet. Must’ve got buried somehow.


  4. ::scratches head.:: Was Defining moments the finale one-shot? Cause I don’t recall that. Looking forward to this, I didn’t much groove to Gillen’s first issue, but I’m optimistic. At this point, I’m on it until Fraction comes along regardless of quality. 

  5. I can’t quit this book even if I wanted to. I have a man crush on Fraction, so sticking around until he comes on board is a no brainer for me. Plus, Kieron is doing a fantastic job so far. The only question is whether or not I’ll be picking up Siege. Probably not.

  6. What Doom is doing on the cover reminds me so much like Dragonball Z.


  7. i’m still in, though i have yet to read the last issue. it lies waiting, next to my bed.

  8. @TNC : yeah Goku. He’s gonna catch Thor in mid-air. Good luck with that.

  9. Are the Assguardians homophobic?  I need to brush up on my Norse mythology.

  10. @Zenman Allan Heinberg beat you to that joke by 4 years.

  11. I hope Doom wins… I wish, haha… I really hate Thor!

  12. Zounds.  I’m foiled yet again by Allan Heinberg!  Damn you Heinberg!  I doth protest.

  13. Holy crap Doom is creating a Kamehameha!

    Really didn’t like last issue.  Major let down from JMS’s writing.  Though the art was really good.  Hope this is better.

  14. Fantastic issue and a POTW from me.

    Gillen is slowly warming my heart and I wish he could stay on this title for a lot longer. As it is, he writes a pretty damn good Dr. Doom and the action was packed and exciting. Amazing stuff in this, especially in the last couple of pages.

    "That is the last of Doom’s property you will destroy."

  15. Not amazing. Not bad. I’d say "Quite good".

    As I said on the last issue: It’s not JMS… but it works.

  16. the writing: very nice (on the re-read) because the art: wow, couldn’t make it to the words until 2nd time around – Tan has a new fan in me.  (Is this the same Tan who did New Avengers a while back – can’t be.)

  17. "Is that what you call it? I call it Doom’s!"

    Gillen writes one damn good Doom, he reminds me of why Doom is one of my favorite villians.

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