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  1. Have liked the series so far, but disappointed that Thor was not better integrated into the Marvel U given all that is going on.  I guess that’s JMS for you.

  2. I dunno.  I think during this reentry of Thor into the Marvel U, that it’s appropriate that it be pretty well seperated.  Now if it goes through the entire Skrull thing without Thor coming in to whip some @$$ then I’ll agree that they missed the boat.

  3. I love Coipel but man it’s been awhile since this came out. Did he just have a ton of lead time on House of M because I dont remember that being delayed at all.


  4. @JonSamuelson- True enough, but it just seems strange to me that Dr. Strange or any of the New Avengers, who all know him, would not at least go to him for some help.

  5. I thinks it’s bi-monthly. This book was funny as hell though and besides daredevil this would have been my pick of the week. bill’s about to get some trim.

  6. I really liked this book. seems like thor on every relaunch is having to go around and find his friends but oh well. I do like the whole town meeting thing. norse god and human interaction is always good stuff. frost giants dont like poop.

  7. Fun Issue, I like how the Asgardians and the Towns People are interacting. This issues so far have been a good mix of action and interaction.

    Funniest Scene: Hogrim and the Father and son

     "I want to be the first asgardian with a tan…."



  8. SO far so good for JMS on this one. I’m fearing the day the wheels fall off… that seems to be his bane.

  9. I love this book.  The art is just so wonderful to look at.  And the idea of Asgardians mixing it up with regular humans is just too much fun. 

  10. I have to agree with some of the others.  I’m loving the interraction of the regular people with the Asgardians.  The gods are treating the local townspeople as equals and its cool to see how that plays out.  I’m digging the book.

    I dont’ have a problem with Thor not being part of the rest of the Marvel U yet, he’s still getting settled on his own without getting mixed up with all the other stuff going on.  It is a chance for Thor to be just Thor.

  11. Maybe I need to reread past issues, but I feel like I have no idea where this is going.

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