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“Tommy Taylor and the War of Words” continues!

Throughout history, a mysterious group of men and women has shaped the stories that humankind tells. Who were they? Where did they begin? What were their motives and their strategies?

From ancient China to Medieval Germany to turn-of the century America – in the pages of Wilson Taylor’s journals, the real story unfolds…

Written by MIKE CAREY

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  1. Still irritated by 0.5 numbering. Probably would be fine if we hadn’t just gone through all this 0.1 nonsense over at Marvel. I will await to read it to give final judgement, as maybe having issues fall between issues is somehow integral to the structure of the story. Wouldn’t put it past Carey and Gross.

    • Stupid gimmicks!! I’ve complained about Marvel’s fractional issues myself. I don’t mind it with The Unwritten. Marvel’s .1 started out a decent idea – offer a good jumping point for a series (though I’d argue putting “PART 1!” on the cover would be more effective). The problem is a large portion of the .1 issues were just extra issues, nothing special about them. Then they went completely overboard with .2’s, .3’s and so on. Then their big hype/teaser book was called Point One.

      My understanding is they had too much story to tell during the War of Words arc. The regular issues will tell the present day story that started with #31, Tom and the gang’s fight against the Illuminati. The half issues will all take place in the past, telling the secret history of the Illuminati. That sounds cool to me. Whole issues go forward, half issues fill in the history.

  2. I got the trades to catch up on this book and I am so glad I did! I hope to see more of Mr Bun in the “in-between issues”

  3. Just love the covers!

  4. So is this ‘War of Words’ arc the climax to the series?

  5. I am interested in giving this title a shot…can one start at #31 with this new storyline and and play catch up along the way or would that not be advisable?

    • I would recommend starting with the first trade to avoid confusion. The series is pretty dependent on knowledge of previous issues. You should definitely give it a shot though, this is a really good book about storytelling and adventure. The combination of Carey’s writing and Gross’ art should get more attention, and every cover is gorgeous.

    • I havent read it since around issue 20….but It doesnt at all seem like the kind of book that you can jump on anywhere but the first issue or tpb.

    • Yea, I would also recommend starting from the beginning. It will be way more enjoyable. I think you’d be able to pick up what was going on pretty quickly with this arc but you would miss tons of great setup and context.

    • Thank you…I am just going to start getting the new issues and reserve them for reading til I get the trades read or if I spy the lot on eBay on the cheap…

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