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In the wake of the success of STRANGE ADVENTURES, Vertigo presents another groundbreaking anthology! With nine tales of horror, suspense, and some unexpected twists, this latest from Vertigo showcases a fantastic blend of stories from comic legends and the up-and-coming stars of tomorrow.

Plus, don’t miss a preview of Vertigo’s next smash-hit monthly series: a macabre and magical saga of voodoo gods and mortals in the death-soaked streets of New Orleans!


Price: $7.99
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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. wow that price tag is steep, gonna give it a tentative pull for now until i flip through it

    Based on the cover, it could be about a sexy dominatrix-furry. I’m interested…

  2. just in time for Halloween. looks good.

  3. Count me in. I like the recent increase in anthology books, they cost a little more but you get more stories. This looks like it could be pretty good, and that cover is Badass.

  4. Was Strange Adventures worth picking up? This books are so hit or miss. I would only want this if, say, 5 out of 9 stories are damn good. A lot of writers just don’t seem skilled in writing 8 page tales these days.


    Just sayin’,


  6. Looks really interesting

  7. cover got my attention, then the fact that its an anthology is enticing, finally the creators involved make this a definite pull. By the way, all I have is Strange Adventures #1, How far along is that title now? I haven’t happened to see it anywhere.

    • I’ve been wondering about Strange Adventures too.

    • Wasn’t Strange Adventures a la Vertigo just a one-off?

      I flicked through Unexpected and the first thing that jumped out was someone effing away. I’m a sweary sod but if you have to put it the F-word into a ‘shock’ comic it suggests a paucity of imagination ( see also the aforementioned Strange Adventures). I put it back on the shelf.

    • Strange Adventures (and this) are one-offs. There is no ‘series’ to have missed. The big #1s on the covers are a bit deceptive. I would totally pay for an ongoing Vertigo anthology title though. I hope SA and The Unexpected succeed and lead to something more.

  8. Alex Grecian (Proof) and Joshua Dysart (Unknown Soldier)! Nice job DC, not get them their own books!

    • and by “not”, I meant “NOW”!

    • at the risk of sounding very indy-snobbery(which i insist that i am not), I would much rather see those creators doing their own thing on their own unique titles. The DC books would have to be some unique character that I probably dont even know about (like Unkown Soldier before Dysart got a hold of it). Regardless, I do see your point though. Great writers deserve great exposure! Plus I wanted to comment back to you because your cat looks very much like mine. Is that a hitler-stache or just the shadow?

    • On the cat or me? Haha- stache/beard on me but the cat’s just got plain old whiskers.

      I’d rather see them back with their own creator-owned titles, but as far as I know, neither has put anything out since PROOF and UNKWOWN SOLDIER ended, so I was just happy to see them doing something!

  9. Wow, I was surprised at just how many stories in this were really good. I normally exclude anthologies from my pick of the week selection, but I came damn close to breaking that rule. If you see this, grab it! There is at least 80% where this is 5 star material.

  10. I ran into this at the shop, not even knowing it was coming. Strange Adventures was really cool, and I’m glad we got a second helping of Vertigo anthology goodness. I haven’t actually read my copy of The Unexpected yet, so I can’t comment on it. I wish Vertigo would give an on-going Anthology a go. Dark Horse Presents is currently one of my favorite titles, another serial anthology would totally make my day. I’ll pay 1 dollar for 10 pages of comics all day. (just wish it was square bound and not stapled. 80 pages is a lot of pages for staples)

  11. Quite a few good reads in here, Gibbons’ The Great Karlini and Dogs by Wilson and Rodriguez being my favs. Got a bit of an “Animal Farm” vibe from Dogs and I loved it. I’m really liking these anthologies as it’s a good way for me to get introduced to new talent. Too bad Grampa (did the cover) didn’t do any of the interiors.

  12. There were a lot of great stories in this. The Great Karlini, A Most Delicate Monster, and Americana were my standouts. But most of the stories were solid 4-stars in their own right. The only two I didn’t like was Fialkov’s (Alone) and the preview for that Voodoo ongoing coming out. Fiaklov was ironic in that it was the most ‘Top Cow’-ish story ever; mostly because he and the artist worked in Top Cow before.

    I bought this because of a light week and it was easily a great read. Definitely worth the price.


  13. 5/5. Another solid anthology from Vertigo. Counting this, Strange Adventures, and the Vertigo Resurrected books, we almost have an ongoing anthology series from Vertigo (albeit, VR isn’t always an anthology). I’m consistently impressed with all the excellent creators Vertigo gets to make these one-offs. I’ll agree with Adventurer with wishing this had a spine so i could put on my bookshelf. POTW.

  14. Sweet. Love anthologys and hope DC can put at least one of these out a year (a monthly I think would water down the talent and product). I think short stories are great ways to see output from these artist/writers that we might not otherwise get to see.

  15. This was so cool. 4/5 for me, but some stories were classic!

  16. lr4life (@brettthemonster) says:

    I didn’t know what to expect from the Unexpected, but boy did love it. A ton of stories, both shorter and longer, but all very original.

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