• The Superior Spider-Man enters the Age of Ultron!

Story by Christos Gage
Art by Dexter Soy
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Marco Checchetto

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  1. While I’m not huge into crossovers, I do love reading this book and seeing Superior S-M interact with others. Looking forward to reading this.

  2. I might actually get this but really not sure yet. Not into this crossover but I do enjoy Superior Spider-man so it`s a tough decision.

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    According to the previews the Superior Spiderman in this book is Doc Ock still. Is this book set in the future or another universe?

    • I am not sure that was a spolier…

    • Meh

    • Meh, the comment of ultimate disambiguation:)

    • Haha! Just cover my butt just incase people were thinking it was Peter. I remember seeing questions during issue 1 of Age of Ultron if it was Peter or Ock and I skipped issue 2 so if it was explained in that issue then my bad

    • I think the problem is that continuity-wise it’s supposed to be Superior Spidey with Ock in control, but it’s being written like it’s Peter judging by the wisecracks coming out of his mouth. That same problem can be found in Hickman’s Avengers right now. The only other writer getting close to what Slott’s doing in Superior with Ock in control is Yost on Avenging Spidey. This kind of dis-continuity really puts the lie to the zombies who tout the Marvel U as better than DC. Both companies have their idiosyncrasies.

    • Actually, in Avengers Hickman clearly demonstrates that Spider-Ock is the one he’s writing (the scene with Canonball and Sunspot, for example). This only happens after the first arc though, as the spidey in the first 3 issues is Parker.

      As for Bendis, ya…it just seems like he doesn’t care..way to respect your colleagues there…

  4. I don’t understand how this book is going to work does this mean that the Spider-Man in age of ultron is doc ock? Because I was under the impression it was Parker. I will probably just be more confused. However still looking forward to it, and AU

  5. Yeah the whole thing is confusing, because not only is he written to be like Peter in the first to AU issues, but he’s still wearing the old Spider-man costume, which he clearly isn’t on the cover to this.

  6. Is Age of Ultron another alternate universe thing? I don’t know what’s going on. Tie in issues are so annoying.

  7. Great issue, especially the art…WOW! To those confused about who is supposed to be in Spidey’s mind, it is addressed on page three when Spidey is talking to Stark, and it’s Doc Ock. And as for Spidey being more Peter like, that’s is explained on this page as well.

    Bendis wrote this story before the whole Superior Spidey thing so I gather instead of rewriting all of Spidey’s parts, they just decided to leave it the way it is and explain it in this issue.

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