• THEN!…Peter Parker spent a lifetime living up to the responsibilities his powers foisted upon him but his Amazing story finally ended dramatically in the historic Spider-Man #700.

• NOW!…The new Amazing Spider-Man has arrived and he is better in every single way. Smarter, stronger…Superior.

Story by Dan Slott
Art by Ryan Stegman
Colors by Edgar Delgado
Cover by Ryan Stegman, Edgar Delgado, Skottie Young, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Joe Quesada, Danny Miki, Humberto Ramos, & Ed McGuinness

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 6.6%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. I look forward to reading this right after I read issue 700. I’ve heard a ton of buzz, now I’m wanting to read what it’s all about!

  2. Dan Slott promised another twist in this issue, so it better be a good one.

  3. He also said that #2 was where people were really going to understand the new status quo. And that he would wait to comment again until after that issue came out.

    Much like other Marvel Now #1 issues, this will likely be decompressed so that #s 1 & 2 tell what I would otherwise expect to be a normal #1 issue story. Like All New X-Men 1 & 2, for instance.

  4. I’m mostly picking this up for the always awesome Ryan Stegman art. I’m not really keen on the new status quo of Spider-Man, but I guess I just have to wait and see.

  5. Most definitely intrigued about where Slott is going to take this. I’m in.

  6. Inferior Spider-Man is not on my pull list. Not now, not ever, not even if they stapled a 5 dollar bill onto it.

  7. Calling it – new status quo is BOTH Peter and ock is the same body- ock will continue to have Peter flashbacks with Peter eventually reassertion himself and earning weird respect for ock

    • But Peter is dead. Totally, completely dead. Even if Peter’s memories reassert themselves and take control it’s not Peter. The “Peter” that returns is not the same person.

    • Pete’s fine. His consciousness got sucked into the city’s technology and 14 months from now he’ll fight Spider Doc as the spirit of NYC, jump back into his old body and Ock will be ejected into a healthy cloned body.

      Just like Macbeth.

    • Just like in Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan when Spock but his memories in McCoys body and later came back as the same old Spock. It’s only a matter of time before they do the same to Peter. I will pick this up in trade format in the meantime.

    • Except it’s even easier than the Spock analogy, since his friends don’t have to fight Doc Brown on a dying planet to retrieve Spock’s body!

    • LOL, true, true.

  8. Can’t wait to rage-read this. Uhm, no.

  9. I don’t know I’ve been a long time AMS fan and really can’t wait to read this to see how it all plays out in Peters eventual return.

  10. This new Peter Parker has one of the strangest backstories I’ve read in recent memory. Going to make for some really interesting character moments that I’m looking forward to. Dan Slott is big on not having things ever go completely back to normal.

  11. So remember a few issues back when Norman Osbourn apparently came out of his coma and disappeared? Anyone think there is a chance that story was told out of order and that Pete managed to take the gold Octobot and inject himself into Norman’s body?

    • I forgot all about the fact that he escaped. At the time I remember thinking that storyline would continue in issue #700. Weird. Must be going to continue in this.

  12. I wish Marvel just rebooted like DC. This hardly feels like a safe jumping-on point since the characters and the story are bringing so much baggage.

    • Ugh, please stop with the reboot talk, I don’t know many fans that have been reading Marvel Comics their whole life that wanted Marvel to trash their entire history. Saying nothing is reader friendly cause its not a complete reboot is crazy. I’m don’t know about you, but I can tend to piece together what I need to know and figure the rest as I go along. Especially when you frequent sites like Ifanboy. Im not a huge DC guy, but I jumped on Identity Crisis and loved it. Same with Blackest Night, just did it again with Justice League. The whole Marvel should have rebooted like DC so it be reader friendly is bs.

  13. I hate Peter Parker like I hate poison. I couldn’t get into Ultimate Spidey until Miles showed up and I’ll give this a definite try as well since Peter is gone (at least for a while).

  14. Huh, saw a preview and I like the art, but I got tired of how Marvel handles this comic months ago, so I won’t be buying. I may try to find other comics by this artist though…

  15. Issue 700 was a bitter pill to swallow, I loved/hated it as much as I could any comic ( $7.99 well spent IMHO ) . I see what the draw is for this, but I really don’t want to invest in Superior because allI want is for that little Gold Octobot to get Peters brain back into his body. I know its going to happen sooner or later. I just don’t think I want to be disappointed every 2 weeks when DOC OCK is running around destroying everything in Peter’s life. That being said, I’ll probably check back tomorrow and see what everyone says and proably buy this anyway. I’m a sucker for punishment. Luckily I just got AMS Omnibus vol2 so I should be good for a couple of weeks.

  16. I think my subscription goes an issue or two past #700.

    I’m hoping Ryan Stegman does a stellar job on this.

    Good luck Dan Slott! Godspeed, sir.

  17. Picking this up tonight. I do love my Spider-Man. I hope someone spots the he is not really Peter and MJ dose not sleep with him. I hope Marvel just made Superior Spider-Man for this story of Ock in Peter’s body and ASM will relaunch when Peter returns. So some people can just skip this story if it’s not for them. As many of us wished we could have skipped the Clone Sage.

  18. Why does everyone care so much about him sleeping with MJ?! i mean if it happens it happens and when she finds out who he really is the wedge between MJ and Parker will be back again. To be honest i don’t see these two getting back together any time soon or else marvel wouldn’t have pulled them apart. Sadly i miss them married these two reminded me so much of my wife and I they deserve each other they fit.

  19. So, then… who *is* the superior Spider-Man? And in what way 🙂 I know where I’m putting my money.

  20. I really enjoyed this, a lot actually. I was already excited to see where this story goes and this first issue has me even more excited than I was before, so kudos to Dan Slott.

  21. Okay… I admit that initially I thought that this whole mind switch thing a bad idea, but this first issue is pretty funny… I enjoyed reading it. Sometimes the wise-assed spidey can get a little stale, now we have the condensing spidey… Pretty funny. The boob staring Peter Parker… Hilarious!!!

  22. was that suppose to be Miles as the little boy in the hoodie?

  23. Dont get all the hate. This is an awesome story so far…guess you people want to read the same stories over and over again. I for one want to read new and exciting stories. For all you trolls just read the last page of Superior and you’ll be fine.

  24. Was awesome

  25. Dat last page!

  26. I wasn’t really into how Amazing’s last few issues went down, but this issue was pretty good. Slott delivers a solid first issue and Ryan Stegman’s art works perfectly in this. I’ll be getting the next one.

  27. Ehh, it was alright. Still don’t like the whole body swap idea. It’s kind of lame. But I’ll stick with it until Stegman leaves, which I think is after issue 3, so not too long.

  28. SPOILERS LIKE A MOFO*********************************************

    Anyone else read The Ultimates? It’s the same as Tony’s sentient brain tumor.

    As in, both are fucking stupid ideas.

    • Oh, and not that anyone cares, but I have actual logical proof for the FACT that this entire situation and story line is complete and utter bullshit. Reply if ANYONE thinks they have a decent argument defending Slott.

    • My irrefutable argument is that you’re… WRONG!

    • My decent argument defending Slott:

      He’s writing the book. He can do whatever the hell he wants.


    • I have actual logical proof that radioactive spiders can’t give you powers. Reply if you have a decent argument defending them.

    • So.. no one? I was serious regarding a debate from a storyline perspective.

    • Why not just make your point, why do you need it to be a challenge. Afraid we’ll all just ignore it?

    • Well it all comes down to a matter of opinion doesn’t it? I like this story very much, it’s been a long time coming and Slott has done a great job in my opinion of setting this all up since ASM #600. Now that we’ve reached this point, I’m enjoying the story; it gives readers something a bit new to read in a Spider-man story, gives us some more insight into one of Spidey’s oldest villains, and should set up a cool story for Peter overcoming this and reclaiming his life. It also gives Slott a lot of flexibilty with the Spider-man universe and could be used to set up a more “classic” feel to future Spider-man comics if they want or he could take it in a completely different direction.

    • @Frac
      I wouldn’t say afraid, but yeah. Why say something that would go unheard?

      Some are enjoying it, but I have an argument against it being an opinion. As in, this story is horrible, but some people like it. I’m also completely serious, and am legitimately not trolling.

    • So just say it then.

    • I don’t really like Slott but I have a pretty solid argument that your “facts” are complete bullshit.

  29. So the big hoopla of the last week is rendered completely moot now. Try to curb that nerd-rage nerds, because you are looking like alarmist idiots right now.

  30. I’m going to give it a go. Looks quite fun from the previews I’ve read.

  31. I haven’t read any of the previous reviews yet. I just want to express my first impression. I enjoyed this! It was funny to hear Spiderman say things like “of all the unmitigated gall”. I loved seeing him take control and completely kick ass. I don’t know how long this joke of Otto Octavious being Spiderman can last but for one issue it was fantastic!

  32. I’m surprised so many people like this. I was completely fine with the story until I hit that last page. I just rolled my eyes and dropped the title, too silly for me.

  33. I don’t understand. First people complain that they had Otto take over Peter’s body, now I hear people complaining that they didn’t stick to it long enough. It’s seems to me that the plan all along was to have Superior Spider-Man’s start off with Otto in Peter’s body and the struggle would be “How will Peter get his body back”. Once that get’s resolved (I bet it will take about 6 issues or so), then the struggle will be about Peter undoing whatever chaos Otto has done while in Peter’s body.

  34. Read ASM#700 then this. Feelings were mixed… I’ll wait and see. Wasn’t the total dick-slap to the face I expected. But Otto treating everyone lowly and like a jerk. That COULD get old fast… Lot of damage will be done while we slowly wait for Peter’s consciousness to regain control of his body and suppress Otto’s.

    Dan Slott. Please. Make this good in the meanwhile!

  35. So I wasn’t going to read it but my LCS owner said I could read it in his store for free. I thought it was really weird. The Mary Jane and Otto scene was really awkward and unbelievable. I don’t understand why Peter’s face looks different all of a sudden, I guess evil shows from the inside out :-). The dialog was stale, it felt like the last page when Otto is talking to himself was somewhat robotic. The big ending wasn’t nearly as dramatic as anticipated.

    Kind of Spoiler Alert but not really …..

    It looks like Peter will have a similar comeback to Steve Rogers did in the Captain America: Reborn mini. I didnt like that story (and I absolutely loved Brubaker on Captain America) and I don’t think I’ll like this one.

    I honestly could care less if Peter is spiderman or what I just want a good story. I didn’t think this was one. It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve read, but clearly the most overhyped.

  36. I really don’t like saying bad things about Dan Slott. I’ve loved his Big Time run. This was just a bad idea take to the nth level. But you gotta take your lumps with your licks.
    Wish him the best but i’ll be back when Peter is. I’m out for now.

  37. This is really becoming a rather sad trend at Marvel, put out an issue hinting at a real change, like Thor’s ‘death’ in Fear Itself, Captain America’s ‘death’ in Civil War, or basically any change in status quo, and then go back on it. This one is sensless and pointless. Did DC’s 52 really freak out Quesada? Why because they are doing stuff you have done hundreds of times. Marvel has gone to the reboot well so often, that even that is a cliche. I love great stories, and I wish Marvel would stop the gimmicks and give them back to us, free from a heavy hand of cliche.

  38. I enjoy when a character takes control and plots out a plan. This issue was a blast! I’m not a fan of evil twins, mind swapping or clones – often those stories tend to be the same story over and over. But this is different, and I’m starting to think everything is not as it seems. At least there is already proof that Peter is not gone.
    As of hating when a writer shakes up a title. everyone is entitled to dislike the change and move on to something else. But for this issue, because it is written and drawn so well . . . I have to think most people who are hating this, just haven’t given it a chance. Personally, I’m aboard for this ride . . . I just hope that Marvel doesn’t exploit the change into multiple new titles.

  39. I thought it was a fun issue, Spidey-Ock fighting the new Sinister Six at the start was funny and the second time was great. I’m going to let this storyline play out and see where it goes. Sounds like Slott has been planning this for some time and I’m a fan of his Spider-Man work so I have faith in him.

  40. I have to say that whilst I’m no longer a Marvel fan, I picked this up today (February 5th) in order to see what all the fuss was about. I can honestly report that this was one of the most fun single issues that I’ve read in years. Easily the best Marvel comic I’ve read since 2008.

    It was cheeky, intelligent and seemed to teeter between uplifting and very, very dark at all points. I probably won’t follow the series (I haven’t followed Marvel since the sale to Disney), but as a one-off purchase, it really made me smile. My favorite panel was Pete with the ‘mad scientist’ get up. That sold the book to me.

    Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I sympathize with those who hated it, but as a standalone piece of writing, this was a fine comic.

    Having said that…Man, Dan Slott knows how to push those buttons. And he does. Mercilessly.

    …I wonder if the original Dan Slott was mind-swapped by a disgruntled writer who never made it into comics and is now wreaking vengeance on all who get in his way? That would make this entire run some sort of bizarre meta-rant. Groovy.

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