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THE SHADE #6 (OF 12)

An immortal villain named The Inquisitor enacts his plan to bring hell to Earth, starting in Barcelona. Luckily for the city (and the rest of the world), the Shade happens to be in town…

Don’t miss out on a series that MTV Geek calls “a perfect comic book”!

Story by James Robinson
Art by Javier Pulido
Colors by Hillary Sycamore
Letters by Todd Klein
Cover by Tony Harris & Javier Pulido

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Jesus Christ the release date for this series has been weird. I mean James Robinson is on the Comic Vine podcast when each issue comes out and even he’s confused with the date’s. He says that all the artist’s are already done. But I believe that I love Javier Pulido’s art more than Coocke, yeah I know sue me.

  2. I suspect they delayed issue #5 so they would have new releases for the 5th week in Feb…I am glad it’s back in track!

  3. I was highly anticipating this issue after the last so Im grateful I dont have to wait a month for it. I hope La Sangre is used more widely un the DCU she’s so fucking cool.

  4. @RedBaron504 – I agree with you all the way!! I thought that issue #1 was a great start to this series and than #2 was good and than it fell off real fast on #3 and made me wonder if this was really any good. #4 and #5 really brought it full circle again and I am on board, so for the most part this has been a successful series unless the ending really drops off like a brick, kinda the way the Huntress did. Not the appearance of PG, just the overall storyline just had no climax, just a big ol’ brick!!


  5. I jumped on to this at #4 because of Darwyn, and I recently caught up with 1-3,5. I am new to the world of Shade/Starman, and I think this book is cool as hell. The artists involved have all been great choices, Pulido really impressed me,and the upcoming arcs look to be the same. I was stoked to see the solicit for #10 w/Frazer Irving, I have missed his stuff since Xombi ended.

  6. Another fine issue from the past and I would like to get to the present and see what the hell is going on now though. That is all I got.


  7. How good is this series? Loving it. Robinson is just in his element with these characters.

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