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THE SHADE #4 (OF 12)

In the tradition of the “Times Past” issues of STARMAN comes a story of revenge, murder and betrayal set in the 1940s!

The Shade is just beginning his long criminal career, but when an industrialist who is helping with the war effort is targeted for assassination, the Shade surprisingly seeks to help save the man! Who is this man, and who is the strange woman on this issue’s cover?

Find out more about the Shade’s true origin in this story illustrated by the amazing team of Darwyn Cooke and J. Bone!

Variant cover by DARWYN COOKE

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 17.5%


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Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. Went back to get the first three because of the good reviews. #2 was sort of weak, but I like the series overall!

  2. Oh, and this is the first cover I like for the series. This is a nice one!


  4. This series has been great so far. I just hope the low sales will not get this series cancelled. Last issue was my favourite of the bunch so far. Love me some aboriginal mythology.

    Darwyn Cooke on art this issue! Can’t wait.

  5. Will try this just to get James Robinson off my f***ing back:)

  6. Wow, love the cover of this issue!

  7. Darwyn Cooke ? Oh this is going to be good and I hope this mini-series wont get cancelled before it ends.

    • I was worrying about the same thing last month and I looked at the Top 300 at Diamond and sales on issue #3 of The Shade are higher than a number of the New 52. While I am not expert in such matters, I am thinking we will see the full 12 issues.

    • Its been confirmed by The Shades editor that it will indeed go all 12 issues.

    • Thanks for the info, Kmanifesto…now we can stop harping on it getting cancelled and concentrate on enjoying it and of course telling others what they are missing

  8. I was thinking of dropping this book. Then I saw Darwyn Cooke’s name on interiors, so I told myself to never mind.

  9. Thus far I’m quite satisfied with this book. It’s nice to see that JDR still has it in him.

  10. Darwyn Cooke. J Bone.
    There is no excuse for not buying this comic.

  11. Just finished reading and this one was the best yet: Awesome art! Kewl characters!! Fancy lettering!!! Anyone considering checking out the shade this would be a good one cause it’s a stand alone story basically.

  12. Darwyn Cooke + the 40’s+ Vigilante = pick of the week, at least for me.

  13. Very fun read, though James Robinson i’m sure would not like the fact that the first thing that jumped into my head after i’d finished it was “so who’s drawing the next one?” >:D

  14. For me, there was but for one reason to purchase this…thy name is Cooke!

  15. This was great! But, I like the previous issue even better. It sets up why Shade is retelling the events of this issue. I suppose if you bought #4 for Cooke’s art then #3 might not satisfy, but I thought that story was more original for a comic book. I think that’s the Shade series’ strength: telling stories that fit next to the superhero genre and feel natural within it, but stretch beyond its constraints. Robinson is lucky to have this kind of a sandbox to play in. Writers aren’t normally allowed to be this interesting in a Big Two published title.

  16. That’s one sexy variant cover.

  17. I dropped this after last months issue and felt that since issue 1 and part of 2 that this series took a dive. Now it sounds like this issue is the rebound so I guess this weekend I will go there and pick this up. Last chance though!


  18. Well I picked it up last night on my 2 hour drive home which normally takes only 45 minutes due to the snow. It appears people in Chicago still forget how to drive every winter…. I guess I would be use to the way people are when it snows or rains in this city during rush hour.. Oh well…. Good news for me was I stopped at the comic shop and picked up this issue and read it when I got home and well again you guys were all right again!! This was a 4 for me and put me back into this mini..
    Very cool 1940’s feel with the artwork and what plot twist plot twist……



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