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THE SHADE #3 (OF 12)

The Shade must take a trip “Down Under” to find the answers he seeks about his past!

In Sydney, he encounters an old ally named Diablo Blacksmith. But deep in the heart of the Outback lies a monstrous foe, one that The Shade must face completely on his own, and one that knows all of The Shade’s weaknesses.

Variant cover by CULLY HAMNER

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. “Down Under”!!!! Ok everyone outside of Australia- WE DON’T SAY THIS!

  2. Can’t wait to read this!

  3. Really enjoyed the first 2 issues, excited for this!


    • I tried issue #1 because of the good reviews and loved it!

    • I read the first issue and was put off by Deathstroke’s appearance and his ‘switcheroo’ at the end. What further put me off on getting the second issue was seeing the previews and how the cliffhanger was resolved.

      That said, I plan on picking up the issues with Darwyn Cooke.

  5. This series is making me want to make a Shade costume for Halloween.

  6. Save The Shade!

  7. Are the sales numbers really that bad? I thought with all the Starmanfans this book didn’t need to worry about that.

  8. This has been pretty good so far. All of the drama and guilt trips surrounding its sales are weird…i dunno, its times like these that i regret being plugged in to the community and hearing all that inside baseball stuff. Rather just read the stories guilt free. *shrug*

  9. I hope they make it to 12. I think if it was included in the new 52 it would be doing very well. It just needs a little more hype and for folks to try it. I can’t think of a single complaint I have about the book and I have never read Starman. Its a very slick, very cool, very Vertigo book.

  10. This has been a very good mini and I for one do not understand why noe one it intrested. The artwork has been pretty good and the mystery surounding the whole title right now is very intreging. Deathstroke killing the shaded Shade was good however; I do not think he completely fooled Slade!


  11. Great book, and I’m please to see the recent publicity looks to have translated into more pulls. Nice one, iFanboy and co.

  12. retailers in my area are not ordering enough copies for the people who want to read this this. As of 1130 my lcs was sold out of the shade I was able to score the last copy @ a newstand up the street…

    • My lcs sold out of issue #1 before I got a chance to get there and just got more in this week as it was on back order at Diamond. I have some catching up to do…

  13. I loved this book.

  14. This issue was a huge let down for me. The artwork has dropped off and the story line seems have come to the boring part. I had fun in the first two and it looked good; story seem to be going some where and than this. Hopefully we will get a full recovery in the next one I hope as you can tell I was enjoying this up until this issue. Only gave it a 2.


  15. The third was the best issue so far.

  16. Okay…so I am confused…I love this series and I also love Justice League Dark…BUT the Shade here does seem remotely like Shade in the Justice League Dark….am I missing something?

    I am kinda late to the party as supply was greater than demand at my LCS and all I can say is they damn well better finish this book. It was so good…. like a little yuletide reach around!

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