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• HAWKMAN vs. ST. BASTION – with PIKE, an incredible assassin with key info about Hawkman’s past, caught in the middle!

Plotted by Rob Liefeld
Scripted by Rob Liefeld & Mark Poulton
Art by Joe Bennett & Art Thibert
Cover by Rob Liefeld

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%



  2. I have every bit of faith that this issue will be terrible. I’m just hoping that this wraps up the Bastion arc, and we get out of the mess without any thinly veiled, half-baked “religion is dumb” preaching.

    • I completely agree, I am excited for this next crossover event in this book. but I wish they would give this book to someone else. James Robinson would be great! and then he could always move Hawkman to Earth 2 after Trinity War

    • Incidentally, this and Green Arrow are the two books that I’ve been ready to drop. Then I hear that there’s a cross over coming up between the two. That news irritated me.

    • plus it is crossing over into deathstroke too i think.

  3. Liefeld has ruined all the books that I was really digging…I hope they don’t let him write anything else ever again….

  4. So Liefeld is leaving DC… Who should take over Hawkman guys? My vote is James Robinson. thoughts?

    • Does this mean that DC will re-solicit Hawkman/Grifter/Deathstroke 13-14? And of course Green Arrow 14? Does DC even do resolicits?

    • I was wondering the same thing. I hope so, I wasn’t really excited about the Hawkman: Wanted crossover. If Hawkman is going to crossover it needs to be with characters that are actually good.

  5. Can they just relaunch Hawkman and Green Arrow again. The DCNu reimagining of both characters has been pretty shitty.

  6. Why are none of the comments actually about the issue. This was a great issue. Lots of revelations, great action. Pike is Deadpool-lite but had some funny lines. Lady Bike, a sentient Sky Cycle with “SPARTAN” programming. Book full of Wildstorm mixing with DC.

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