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For Frank Castle death comes easy…life is where things gets complicated. Fully loaded with the Eisner winning writer Greg Rucka (Batwoman, Queen and Country, WOLVERINE) and neo-superstar artist Marco Checchetto (Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil), the BIGGEST GUN of all returns with blood on his hands and vengeance in his eyes.

As New York City’s body counts continue to rise, the city’s streets are teeming with more methodical criminals than ever and a police force doing it’s best to keep its head above water. The Punisher has returned to serve his own brand of justice with everything’s he’s got… but can he survive the darkness stored in his own arsenal?

Plus bonus pages exploring some of the new personalities in Frank’s life…and how closely intertwined living is with dying.

Story by Greg Rucka
Art by Marco Checchetto
Colors by Matt Hollingsworth
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary, Paul Mounts, Sal Buscema, Frank D'Armata, Neal Adams & Justin Ponsor

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.8%
Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. I wish Greg Rucka was writing a Nick Fury book instead of a Punisher book, but I’ll read Rucka’s writing in whatever form I can find it.

  2. @RedMoses  a Rucka Nick Fury book would be amazing indeed.  Good call.

  3. I’m existed to see Rucka’s take on Frank Castle. I wonder how it will compare to Ennis and Aaron.

  4. I’m not sold on this one. The cover is terrible though.

  5. Might try it.  Marvel is pleasing me with their new numbers 1s.

  6. I’m thinking this going to be POTW

  7. Giving this a shot on Rucka alone. I hate Punisher, though.

  8. im kinda up in the air about continuing to buy these after the first issue, only because i feel Punisher Max will continue to be a much better series

  9. Rucka on Wonder Woman got me into that comic when I never thought I would, follow him anywhere after that.

  10. @RedMoses After reading Secret Warriors, I don’t think that anyone could write a better Fury than Hickman.

  11. Yay

  12. First Marvel book I’m picking up in a long while…

  13. It’s going to be tough beating Remender’s run, but Rucka is a writer I will follow anywhere for at least a trial.

  14. So to the people that have read this , is it better then Punisher Max ?

  15. i thought all new series from marvel were going to be $2.99? i guess that idea went out the window…..

  16. I was super bummed when I found out that Remender was leaving Punisher, and couldn’t imagine ANYONE who could top his stories.

    And then I found out that Rucka was attached.

    Definitely my most anticipated book of the recent Marvel superstar #1 debuts. It’s been awhile since I’ve had my Rucka fix, so I’m glad I can get it through The Punisher. 

  17. @mikegraham6. It will be the first issue it’s only 3.99 then it will be dropped back down to 2.99

  18. Seems like if we all bitch for years, marvel gets the idea. How long have half-informed, semi-literate comic fans been whinging about good creators just telling good stories? Too bad the industry is fucked and this can’t last.

  19. Those detectives look familiar …

  20. dissapointing

  21. @pyynk  like Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt familiar??

  22. Any other comments on if  this is good or not  ppl? I got a few today but decided to possibly grab this when i go back saturday…

  23. @FamousLastWords  You got it!  I probably wouldn’t even have noticed if it weren’t for the hat the older detective is wearing.  That’s totally Morgan Freeman’s hat from Seven.

  24. Also I’m not Gunny McBangbang, but what the heck is Frank pointing at us on the cover?  That’s no pistol I’ve ever seen.  Checchetto might wanna consider picking up the old Punisher Armory books for homework.

    All gripes aside, this is the first Punisher book I’ve ever picked up and it looks like it’s going to be an interesting ride. 

  25. meh. I’ll give the second issue a shot just to see what the status quo will be like but I have a feeling this will be a drop for me.

  26. I think I have Punisher #1’s than any other comic, but I liked it.

  27. @FamousLastWords  @pyynk  – one of the panels is a photo trace of a Morgan Freeman picture.

  28. Yo Checchetto, that doesn’t look like Frank!

  29. @amircat… More than one, but I know exactly the one you mean.

  30. I think some of you got a defective copy. Mine was Punisher #1 by Greg Rucka and it was awesome!

  31. Ended up picking it up today and enjoyed it, the art especially

  32. I thought the first story was pretty lame. IMO, a typical testosterone filled punisher story. Guns, shootout, end story.

    The second story was much mug better. More of the punisher I care to read. The guilt of the officer with the content focused more on the phsycological effects. And for all you punisher junkies, frank still comes accross as a badass with big guns. First story 2/5. Second story 5/5

  33. Guys, if you picked up a Punisher #1 comic expecting anything but an action filled violent comic book, you’re expectations may be misplaced.

    For me this book hit the right balance of what I want from a Punisher comic. Violence, cops, crime plot, characterization.

  34. @JNewcomb  – The writing was TOP Notch! But I had an issue with theart. The Morgan Freeman look-alike detective was  one of the problems.

    @ButchCassidy  – I read an interview where Rucka had suggested a character who is similiar to Morgan Freeman in Seven, but that Checchetto took it too literally.

    Checchetto does seem like a good artist with great potential, but I only enjoyed it a little bit.

  35. the cover was horrible.  other than that, this book was fuckn awesome.  i liked that there was a morgan freeman look-alike.  the storytelling, in both the writing and art, was incredible.  i love the new skull emblem, the faded look rocks!  i thought it was very clever the way rucka indirectly calls the punisher a hero in the second story.  he gets a lot of shit from the superhero community because he kills, the same hypocrits never dump on a cop for doing the same thing.  didnt captain america kill nazis?  no one ever says anything to him.  whats the difference?

  36. @sitara119  Good points. Had not picked up on that.

  37. @JNewcomb  thanx.  its nice to know something positive occasionally comes from my ranting

  38. @xiseerht  It’s not better than Punisher MAX, but it’s a different thing. Sure, guns, violence, Frank, cops, etc. But MAX is way more messed up, and the MAX character is less sympathetic in a way. This also has the door open to cross over with superheroes – whereas I prefer the MAX one where there aren’t really any. But, I liked this a LOT and will def. get #2.

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