• The critical Fear Itself prequel that couldn’t be told until now!

• Discover the true story behind the Serpent & Odin’s past!

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Pasqual Ferry
Colors by Frank D'Armata
Letters by Joe Sabino
Cover by Pasqual Ferry & Frank D'Armata

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.2
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  1. This book is obselete. Thank you Fraction. Will miss you Coipel!

  2. A critical prequel that somehow couldn’t be told until after the story had finished up?

    Marvel’s continuity is harder to grasp than a mobius strip.

    Marvel, you crack me up!

    (although if I kept giving you my four bucks, I probably wouldn’t be laughing, but crying)

  3. NOOO!

    I really like this book and what happens?
    Fear Itslef……….

    Whats the saying?

    Just as I thought that I was out they pull me back in.
    Thanks for ruing this comic book.

  4. Odin childhood stories portrayed by Ferry? /shrug – I’ll do it.

  5. Pros: Fraction

    Cons: Fear Itself

    Which way does the scale fall?

  6. how many issues until Tanarus?

  7. I think this could be really good. I’ve been so close to dropping this book because I didn’t like the way fraction wrote thor but this looks like it’s going to tell some different stories so I’m sticking with it for a little while yet. Crossing my fingers.

  8. I’d bet anything that this is actually good and a million times better than fear itself. Weird stuff. I think something just went really wrong with fear itself, I bet there was a good story in there somewhere.

  9. I was considering taking a break from this book because the last few story arc’s just haven’t done it for me, but after Fear Itself I’m deciding this is that time. Thanks Marvel for ruining this book.

    • Thank goodness Journey is still awesome Marvel use to be where I brought most of my books now I’m down to mainly Daredevil, Journey and occasionally X=men.

  10. Thunk!

  11. This wasn’t bad… It just wasn’t nearly as good as the past 6 issues. The art was still good… just not as good as Coipel. The story was interesting… just not as interesting as Thor fighting the Silver Surfer. Hopefully this was just a one issue lull and issue 8 picks up the pace again.

  12. Man, this would read awesome at the beginning of Fear Itself. I think that’s where it’s going in my collection.

  13. This book was just plain bad. Jumped around. Lots of interesting points that were just skipped over. Fraction has just simply fallen off.

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