An in-depth look at the first decade of the ongoing war inside Oppenheimer’s brain. How far is too far behind enemy lines when the enemy is yourself?


Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Ryan Browne
Colors by Jordie Bellaire

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  1. My week just got made, this piece of awesomeness followed by Nowhere Men. What’ll be pick of the week?

  2. The last two issues of this after what I felt was slow going for a while have me thinking it could be my favourite series in comics right now. [I dropped nowhere men though]

  3. Am I the only one wavering on this one? The last few issues I’ve found Nick Pitarra’s jangly art bordering on sloppy. I love the cartoony, loose feel of the characters, but so many pages in recent issues have looked rushed. On the writing side of things, I was really interested when Hickman said he’s writing this book month-to-month, not with his usual meticulous attention to planning like he did with Fantastic Four and now with Avengers. However, with each new issue, I’m wondering more and more if he’s gone too far in the other direction. Every issue has felt expositional in some significant way. Get on with it!

    • I’m sure you’re not alone, but for me I love the randomness of this series & with each month the unpredictability of where we go makes it even more exciting!
      I can agree that the art has wavered a little but this is Pitarra’s first regular series that I know of unless someone out there can correct me, so I assume he’s struggling with the pressure but still maintaining an output!

      If this is too random for you then maybe you should stop getting it monthly & trade wait then you’ve got a broader aspect & outlook of what you want out of this series?!

    • @batverine: Sorry man, don’t agree with any of that. Think Hickman is doing a great job, love the looseness of this series compared to his others, and I think Pitarra is doing a great job, as always.

    • The unpredictability is great most of the time–don’t get me wrong. It just seems like he’s setting up story arcs ad infinitum without actually pursuing any of them. The war with the aliens, the relationship with Star City/the Russians, Einstein’s monolith and the other side thereof. The list goes on. True to Hickman, we’re getting a lot of great character development (Feynman’s probably my favorite right now), but I want to see more actually happen. I’m not a martyr for plot-driven stories either, but it seems counterintuitive to stick all these great personalities together and not expect huge events to unfold. Maybe you’re correct, Riley. This might read better in trade.

      USPUNX, when I have a few spare minutes, I want to leaf back through the last few issues and find specific instances of what I mean. At least once or twice an issue I’ve been thrown by a distorted face, a flat-looking body, etc. I’d like to get your read.

    • I agree with batverine. I really really want to like this book. In theory it is everything I want to support, quarky, wierd, creator owned. But in practice, the art is getting sloppy, the plot lost me 5 issues ago, and I’m finding each month after reading it telling myself I don’t understand any of it, and that I need to go back, I must be missing something, I must be missing something.

      That said, I seem to pick it up each month and it is one of the first books I read, if not the first. …

  4. This book is one of my favorites right now. The crazy versions of historical figures, and the near limitless story possibilities with a mind like Hickman’s behind it, I’ve just been enjoying the ride. It seemed like last issue finished setting the foundation of the story, and now it’s time for Hickman and Pitarra to really go wild with it.

  5. This is the issue that DOESN’T have Pitarra right?

    I don’t know….you are going to have to wow me with a fill in. Just saying.

  6. this was weeeeeird. will need to reread it for sure. like every issue, there are a ton of hilarious ridiculous moments and the fill in art follows pitarra’s art enough that it fits well.

    poor horses, been a tough year for them.

    the cover is really eye-catching.

  7. This book is so fucking out there, and I love it! I don’t know if it’s just that I enjoy the strangeness, or what, but this was another awesome issue. Even though all the characters save for Oppenheimer(s?) were missing from this, I was so taken with the story that I didn’t care. The last few pages, ensured that we haven’t seen the last of this setting, and I’m totally down for more.

    Also, I thought the artwork by Ryan Browne was wonderful. The linework was a bit more direct, and more angular than Pitarra’s, but it wasn’t too far of a departure to make the change jarring. Browne can fill in anytime he wants as far as I’m concerned.

  8. Jordie Bellaire is probably going to get an Eisner nod thanks to this issue. Some wonderful colors in this issue and it fits the red/blue scheme that has been constant with Oppenheimer since the first issue. This was a pretty ‘Salvador Dali’-esque issue with a lot of strange images and concepts. Ryan Browne did a nice job filling in for Pitarra and quite frankly his pencils look remarkably like his in a lot of places. As always I have no idea where this series is going but whenever Hickman goes back to this ‘Civil War’ it is going to be wild to read.


  9. Surreal issue. Excellent stuff. If Hickman is just making this up as he goes along, it’s truly a testament to his level of creativity. I’m a predictor. I always enjoy predicting where a story is going regardless of whether I turn out to be right or wrong. But with this series, I honestly have no idea, and that’s really exciting.

  10. This was WONDERFUL! The concept, the execution, it was very cool. Wacky and weird and neat.

  11. Great issue and Browne is the perfect fill in artist and dare I say it, I like his cleaner style a little more than Pitarras.

    • I love the covers also, what appear to be random symbols and patterns always seem to make sense after reading the comic.

      Nick Pitarra said that Hickman does all the covers himself which is really awesome and just adds another facet to his genius.

    • I agree regarding the covers’ meaning. I didn’t even notice the lone blue circle till after I read the story, all I could do was smile in admiration. It’s funny how those little touches make such a difference.

    • Wait until you see #15 cover them blues start to grow!

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