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This centuries-spanning original graphic novel from legendary writer/artist WALTER SIMONSON shows how one of the silver coins Judas was paid to betray Jesus has had an impact on the DC Universe, with chapters starring THE GOLDEN GLADIATOR (73 A.D.), THE VIKING PRINCE (1000 A.D.), CAPTAIN FEAR (1720) and BAT LASH (1881).

In the centerpiece of the book BATMAN faces TWO-FACE in an epic, present-day battle before the story blasts into the future for a final chapter set in the year 2087 starring MANHUNTER 2070!

By Walter Simonson

Price: $22.99
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  1. Really looking forward to this – surprised it doesn’t have more pulls.

  2. After having read his Thor Omni, I’m so on board for this. I’m kicking myself for not paying more attention to Simonson over the years.

  3. I’m iffy on these based on how terrible the Teen Titans release was and the last Batman two Batman GN’s Noel & Through the Looking Glass. I get the feeling that these are old sub-par scripts that are only getting published because of the big name attached. Simonson is great and all, but not every Simonson story is. I’m on the fence.

    • I believe this is an original story that Simonson thought up recently. I don’t think it’s an old script that’s being dusted off. I wouldn’t count Simonson out because he’s a legend for a reason. I’m hopeful the book’s great. If anything it will look amazing.

    • The Teen Titans GN was terrible? I haven’t read it yet but I don’t recalling reading anywhere that it was terrible.

      I was underwhelmed by Noel and thought the Looking Glass book looked bad so I easily passed on that. I’m not a fan of Simonson and hated his art in a recent issue of Avengers, though I know some people love it. To each their own. My store had a big stack of this book – it will be interesting to see how well they sell.

  4. I want this it sounds cool and I love Simonson…….but Graphic Novels are expensive and its already an expensive week but I’ll try to work it in.

  5. I’m really looking forward to this. Josh’s Don’t Miss with Simonson got me excited to check this out. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve read stories about Golden Gladiator, Viking Prince, or Captain Fear, but a loose collection of short stories about them sounds like a fun read.

  6. So, will this tie in with the Phantom Stranger?

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