• What Dark Price Did Hulk Pay To Separate Himself From Banner, And How Far Will He Go To Keep It That Way?

• Hulk Versus Banner’s Newest, Maddest Creations… The Banner Men!

• The Biggest, Nastiest Hulk Vs. Banner Fight In Marvel History!

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Whilce Portacio & Allen Martinez
Colors by Arif Prianto
Cover by Leinil Yu

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Avg Rating: 3.3
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  1. I have been able to enjoy a Hult title again! This has been beautiful to look at and has kept my imagination running on high gear. I never thought of the possibility of Banner ever being free from Hulk and what would it be like, now I do with this story and has ultimatly made debate some other thoughts about this unique situation with my fellow readers. One of the few books Marvel is still getting pulled by me monthly; it has dropped heavily as of last month and this month will be the true test for some other Marvel comics this month (The Avengers). Avengers Assemble also premiers this month and maybe that will pick up the slack? How does Avengers Assemble fall into the Marvel universes continuity and is Hult still seperated? To many Avengers and X-Men books out their, especially X-Men and the Avengers we do have are going down hill.


  2. i dropped this a few weeks ago it wasnt bad just wasnt realy good! (i was holding on to see who it was who seperated the hulk) how ever i may pick up this copy at my local out of intrest to see if it gets any better

  3. Good issue, I wonder were we go from here?? My guess is they won’t be seperated anymore and Hulk will be dumb again and Bruce probably will think the Hulk is gone for now and have strange lapses of memory which of course will be when he turns into the Hulk. ?? Maybe I am insane??


    • I hope that Banner is actually….dead. Well, as dead as you can be for a comic book character. That; however, is probably not the case.

      So, a few possibilities:
      – The Hulk suddenly turns into Banner whenever he gets too upset (the reverse of what it’s always been), and only changes back to Hulk when he calms down.
      – The Hulk has a few more “high-octane” arcs, then around issue #25 calms down with no threats around and changes back into Banner (the Hulk screaming “NOOOO!”, then changes into Banner who’s screaming “YESSSS!”)
      – Dr. Doom had a contingency plan and has grown himself a new, “evil-influenced” Banner.
      – Hulk died protecting Banner, who goes to Dr. Doom to have the tumor “fixed”….which enables him to turn into the Hulk once again.

      Those are all just random thoughts….I love the Incredible Hulk thus far, and trust Jason Aaron has his own great and wonderful plans for the future of this title!!!!

  4. I just want them to get to the stay angry arc already this book has been really mediocre so far not horrible but not great ethier

  5. iv liked this series but this comic was kinda blah. it wasnt really that bad but i found myself trying to hurry through it to get to my other comics. i really liked this at the begining but now im thinking i might drop it if #6 is like this one.

  6. This book started strong great art to ok art but the story is fun giant gamma monsters and a psycho banner is cool this issue picked me back up after the last 2 issues and can’t wait to see what hulk is going to do next.

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