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The shattering conclusion as Huntress, with a billion-euro price on her head and a warrant for her arrest from Interpol, has one last battle to fight before she can leave Italy alive!

And don’t miss the surprise guest-star at the end of this issue!

Written by PAUL LEVITZ

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  1. Been waiting for this and THUNDER Agents to wrap up.

    Only getting BoP and WW, after those two minis end.

  2. Gee I wonder who the surprise guest is? Oh well looking forward to seeing the “surprise guest” drawn by Marcus To!

  3. Power Girl. Solved

  4. This has been such a disappointing mini-series so far. I really hope that it finds a way to go out with a bang. Issue #5 was better than previous ones so that’s something. Regardless, though, it hasn’t made me want to buy into any further Huntress tales.

  5. It’s been an okay read. Levtiz really isn’t swinging for the bleechers these days though.

  6. I have to agree. The series never really lifted to any great heights. You could have probably stripped two issues worth of fat from this series to make it much punchier and to the point.

  7. I for one really enjoyed this mini very much! The whole Earth 2 and all of these other dimensions again from DC is driving me nuts!! They ended that with Crisis and I thought that was an incredible maxi series and I got used to the dimensions being destroyed and only having one. Now we are back to 52 or 53 or some shit, see I already have lost track; well bring it on DC and lets hope you know what the hell you are doing??


  8. excellent mini series I liked it so much I’m buying it in trade as well when it’s out!

  9. I have to echo those that say this mini wasn’t the best. Levitz practically ignored any characterization of Huntress. (There was the one bit about being more of a cat person.) I will be picking up the new World’s Finest despite Levitz, mostly because I love PG.

  10. I’ll be the voice of opposition. I feel this is the most consistent book DC’s been putting out, and I read most of them. This has been a 5-star series, and one of the few so far I’ll probably also pick up in trade. (along with OMAC and Animal Man/Swamp Thing.

  11. I have loved Marcos To’s artwork in this series. DC, what are you putting him on next?!

  12. It may not have been stellar, but it certainly has been a fun read. And like others have said, the artwork was phenomenal.

  13. This was a great little mini until the end when she made a deal with that scum bag! I just can’t see her making that kind of deal with scum ever; really was a let down at that point. Then the appearance of PG was a sight for sore eyes!! Bring on the World’s Finest!!


  14. It almost seemed a like a cop-out at the end, really just like a chopped ending, know what I mean?


    • Very true, but I have bigger issues than that smh ending, one is Marcos To’s art. He’s a fine draftsman yes, but he characters seem very similar in look. Moretti, the journalist Alessandro, and other men have the same build and facial features/hair, except that some have a beard or clean shaven. Hard to tell who’s who at times. But then in issue 5 the Huntress commited murder. She killed am unarmed man. She killed the Chairman. When I read the ending of issue 5 I thought that it could have been a fake out, that the Huntress didn’t really kill a defenseless man. But opening issue 6, it did clearly state that she did. And with us now knowing that this is Helena Wayne and not the Helena Bertinelli character, with Bertinelli I could maybe buy that she would commit cold blooded murder, not Helena Wayne. And that this is from the creator of the Huntress again makes me shake my head. I originally read the Helena Wayne series and bought the trade. Now I’m not against anti-heroes, I read the Punisher and love it, loved Kick Ass, but this is a big character change to Helena Wayne, Batman’s daughter. It rang false and phoney as a moment, plus all of issue 6 seemed to have chopped off at the knees. A rush to finish it. So she kills the father and lets the son live? A bad ending to a promising book.

    • Rbigley catch me up. How do we know this is Helena Wayne?

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