Three innocent high school kids are caught in the crosshairs of an international special forces team with orders to murder them in cold blood…until two of those teenagers summon the terrifying, living nuclear monstrosity known as the Fury of Firestorm!

Do not miss this disturbing look into the future of super powers in the DC Universe!


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  1. I still have high hopes for this book if this issue doesn’t deliver I’ll have to start getting the book digitally or in trade.

    Does anyone else think they tried to do to much in the last book?

  2. I’m giving it this last issue just to learn a little more about firestorm but this is most likely a drop for me.

  3. The series didn’t need the major overhaul they gave it. Don’t know what they were thinking. Frankly, I don’t think anyone was thinking. Have yet to hear one positive regarding the story. I expect we’ll be reading about change in direction and writers shortly. Or, it just goes away. Again.

  4. First issue had one of steepest drop in the quality graph I’ve ever seen in a single comic book issue. For the first 17 pages, the story moves along well and good and then in the last few pages, they turn into a Firestorms, MULTIPLE, and then combine to make a HulkStorm. The hell?

  5. I was very disappointed with the first issue and Firestorm has always been one DC’s best characters! They should have never changed Ronnie and Stein, the elemental form and the new kid where just a waste of time. The reboot seems to be much of the same, changing a character that should have been brought back to greatness. I am hanging on to this series in hope only that they return things. This and Captian Atom seem to be heading down the wrong path and they are two great characters that I am very sad to see end up this way.
    I do believe in the JL or Batman book this week there was a message spray painted on the back of a train saying that Stein was still alive! I hope this is the case and they are headed in the direction of bringing him back together with Ronnie and they leave it that way!!

    Just sayin’,


  6. Bad….real bad. Dropped.

  7. I’m so confused on how people see this as a BAD comic. There was no “racism” to complain about. It’s got dynamic art with unique coloring. The story is moving like an out control freight-train, while still delivering information as to what’s going on on every page. The villians are getting just as much character development as Jason and Ronnie. And there is still a sense of complete unknown as to where any of this is going to go. I can’t wait for the next one.

  8. It’s a terrible issue. Get Van Sciver off the writing immediately. Sometimes putting an artist on writing is an okay thing (see “Flash”) sometimes it isn’t (see “The Fury of Firestorm”.) or don’t. Dropping.

  9. This is just not Firestorm and never will be! The “racism” was in the last issue and they seemed to have dropped it which is a plus. I have tried to like this and there seems to be a real problem pulling things together even if they are in the character development level it just is not working. I for one have been lost since page two of the first issue and have not recovered; don’t even know where the story is going and really just don’t care now. Sorry!

    Just sayin’,


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