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• The Flash takes Grodd into the Speed Force in a last-ditch effort to defeat the mad gorilla! And…he loses?!

• Plus: The Rogues, the introduction of a major villain and a look at the one and only date between Barry Allen and Iris West in The New 52!

Written by Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato
Art by Francis Manapul
Cover by Francis Manapul
Variant Cover by Francis Manapul

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. As much as I enjoy the art by Manapul, I think it’s time to drop this. The story is just d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g on and on and I am bored.

  2. I’m seeing this arc through. Then, I’ll reconsider this title.

  3. I’m sticking with it as long as Manapul is on art. I don’t mind as it’s pretty fun and it’s only 2.99 single shipping.

  4. I left last issue on the shelves – it just seemed to drag, as someone above says. I’ll give this one a look, and if there is a major resolution, will get both,. If not , bye bye Flash. ::-(

  5. It was pretty odd last issue with 9 pages or so at the end that seemed to have nothing to do with the story and could have taken 1…the art was pretty though

  6. I feel like the minority that really does love the story…then again I like things that take a long time to develop and really takes it’s time to bloom. I really do love the art and the panel work. Unfortunately I don’t follow issue to issue because I’m poor 😛 I have to bum my friend’s copy and buy the HCs But I really do enjoy this title a lot.

  7. I’m not against long storylines, but I just am not into talking Gorillas. Can’t wait for this story to wrap up so we can move on. But I’m not going to drop this just because I don’t like the current villain. Overall I have enjoyed the book.

    • Rumor has it that The Reverse Flash may come into play around #19.

    • Yeah, I heard that too. Now there is a villain I can get my head around!

    • You know, looking back it’s really Professor Zoom’s fault that we have the New 52 right? Since he caused everything that happened in Flashpoint and Flashpoint caused the New 52?

    • I’ve always felt indifferent towards Gorilla Grodd as a character, so I’m. Looking forward to the next arc. Somehow the story in this New 52 Flash has seemed unnecessarily disconnected from the larger DC Universe. This title is on my “maybe drop” list right now, but the art has been amazing.

    • I’m actually new to comics (only since July 2012) and was always a Marvel person but Flash, Talon, and Batwoman have been my main titles for DC. I don’t know much about these characters so all this is still kinda cool and new for me 😛

  8. Awaiting next arc …

  9. The Flash is just God awful. Speed force? Speed mind? Lame.

    • As awful as a handsome billionaire, obsessed with his dead parents, who dresses up as nocturnal mammal, who can’t maintain a romantic relationship, and can only hang out with his aging butler and prepubescent kids who look just like him? Yea thats not lame to some degree.

  10. Finally! ********SPOILER ALERT******** I like how everything is wrapping up. The Flash is back inside the Speed Force and found Iris. So I guess everyone is finally coming out of there??? I did wanted to see The Flash beat the hell out of that Gorilla but it didn’t happen :@ maybe next issue? Still loving this book, Great art!!! Manapul is up there with Capullo’s Batman or even better!

  11. I loved this issue, I read the low review of it on IGN but I was blown away by it. This issue tied so many threads together. I can’t wait to see how (Spoiler alert) Barry pulled Grodd into the Speed Force.

    • Maybe these read better in trade format.

      The annul was great (to me), but since then, each issue has sort of just dragged the story along.

      It seems that in a large part, most comics are written for eventual trade collections in mind. “Writing for the trade” is what one retailer calls it

      So again, maybe for me, trade waiting is best for this title.

      I like the art as well as Barry/The Flash as a character. But the story pacing feels off to me.

    • I have no idea if this reads better in trade. To me the pacing is fine, if it seems to you (and others) that it’s dragging on it’s probably because you want the threads to be resolved RIGHT NOW or each one progressing in every issue. I think structure wise this comic is built like everyone else’s style (even Geoff Johns in a way), but since these guys don’t have as much experience writing they might need time to perfect that aspect. Not everyone can be like Snyder, Bendis, or Lemire. To me, it’s like the Saturday morning cartoons of yore; action and a fun story and tune in next time for more. You want odd pacing, look at “Will Eisner’s The Spirit” strips. They were written for newspaper comics, in TPB each story is only 2-3 pages which is close to a dozen panels. But I kept this mind while reading those strips and loved the stories.

  12. IthoSapien:

    Not every writer SHOUL:D be like snyder, Bendis, et al. Variety is the spice of life and hobbies

    I do not want every thread resolved “RIGHT NOW”, but I DO want a sense that the story elements will indeed be resolving, and I just do not get that in this title.

    If inexperience is the problem, get a more experienced hand to help plot the title.

    I’m a big fan of Eisner, both his The Spirit Sunday clips as well as his GNs. (Dropsie Avenue being a favorite in my family.)

    THERE is a maser story-teller!

    • I don’t know what to tell you, the story is progressing. If a plot thread gets tabled so it can handled later on and a new thread takes it’s place, I’m good with that. I like how the ante has been upped in recent issues (introduction of Rogues with powers, Rogue War, then Gorilla invasion) and now Flash is about to finish off Grodd and rescue Iris. Honestly I don’t see how readers expect Barry to rescue Iris when he doesn’t have complete control over all his powers and can’t just run into the Speed Force to save her when he wants (a complaint I saw posted above). I’ll agree the #0 issue slowed up the pace, but for me the weakest issues were the earlier ones (4-5? Mob Rule was not one of my favorite additions). However I’m not going to go thru every plot point to show you the story is moving along. I only brought up the fact of Manapul & Brian Buccellato’s experience to maybe explain why people felt the arcs were dragging (again, they’re good to me), and honestly I don’t see who else you could hand the writing post off to at this point. I was underwhelmed with Johns’ last take on Flash and was disappointed by Rebirth so pass on him. Clearly people have problems with Manapul & Buccellato’s writing style, and if you’re so dissatisfied go ahead and drop. I’m sticking with this book until until a new team takes over or the quality (in my own eyes) does drop,

  13. As much as I am kind of tired of Grodd this was a really good issue. And I am still loving the artwork.

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