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• At last, it’s the origin of The Flash!

• The loss of his mother put Barry Allen on the road to becoming a hero, but only when he gains his powers will he understand her most important lesson.

Written by Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato
Art by Francis Manapul
Cover by Francis Manapul
Variant Cover by Francis Manapul

Price: $2.99
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  1. Manapul is doing a great job on this series, especially with the art. I’m more excited about #13 than this one, but will still pick it up for the origin story.

  2. This may be my final issue. Where is the story? The art is great but get a writer on this book.

    • My sentiments exactly. Maybe this origin will explain why Barry is the type of person to leave a bunch of civilians STRANDED IN THE SPEED FORCE FOR MONTHS!

    • I’m so sick of hearing how people think that Barry just left those people there. He didn’t. He couldn’t save them because if he did he could accidentally rip new holes in space and suck in and destroy other lives (even civilizations) from across time. That’s basically what turbine did!

    • So he just gives up on trying, abandons dozens of innocents (including Iris) in a hostile dimension and never even THINKS about it again? Just because something bad MIGHT happen if he tries?

      Some hero…

  3. I’m looking forward to this.

  4. Fantastic issue! This has all the heart that the series has lacked since Flash took on Cold a while ago. Not quite as many blow-your-mind layouts, but much more character and fun. I love that this took a little longer to read, how the pictures really told a lot of the story. And great job on the spelling bee thread throughout the issue tying it all together.

  5. Damn. Now I have to keep buying this.

    Best issue since #1. Great stuff.

  6. A very good looking but empty issue.

  7. It was nice to see a Flash origin story, don’t get me wrong, but this story felt like it needed more space. It had so many important character/story elements to impart, but they were largely rushed due to lack of space. This particular story needed to breathe, if that makes sense.

    Personally, I’d love to see a ‘Secret Origin’ style tale, like the ‘Green Lantern’ one by Johns and Reis. Maybe for four or even six issues.

    I like origin stories to be nostalgic and well told (‘Batman: Year One’, ‘Green Lantern: Secret Origin’, ‘Daredevil: The Man Without Fear’ and ‘Daredevil: Yellow’ are just a few of my faves). This one could easily have been stretched out a bit. I realize that ‘Zero Month’ doesn’t work this way, but still…

    The ‘origin’ issues of zero month have mainly been potted histories of the characters, twenty pages of flashback that give us some insight into how the DCU has changed since last September’s relaunch (and most have been pretty good) but this one felt like it had more to offer and was holding back a bit. I’m new to Barry as The Flash (I grew up with Wally) so it was all new to me. If this was part one in a series, it would have been better.

    The spelling bee motif throughout the issue was poetic and emotionally rewarding, I enjoyed that.

    However, with that said, I may have to drop this book. Despite a strong story (this time around) and consistently great art (but not the best I’ve seen in this run), the overarching storyline just isn’t going anywhere for me. In recent issues its been confusing and garbled, with threads left hanging and nowhere near enough emotional consistency. I simply don’t have the money to wait for this book to get better and issue 0, as the best issue for ages, will probably end up being a perfect jumping off point for me.

    • It’s ironic that some of these 0 issues are, indeed, jumping OFF points, when they were meant to be jumping ON points.

      I’m also puling away from some DC titles with the 0 issues.

      I bet we’re not the only ones, too.

  8. It turns out that “Darryl Frye” the man who raised Barry is a long existing character in the Flash mythos, he was even a quirky vigilante named Captain Incredible. Then there’s this new Daniel guy… I’m sure he’s going to be the center of controversy for a while. Nice issue!

    Please check my mini-review of The Flash #0 here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  9. I liked this issue a lot. Good origin story for Barry.

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